Remembering Angus, David, Harry and the 10 Principles & Commitments

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The driving force behind the Progressive Conservative platform [in the 1978 election] was Harry Baglole and David Weale”   – Page 52 (Oral History Forum)


David Weale put up an inspiring post a couple of days ago on Facebook, titled “RECALLING ANGUS (2) PRINCIPLES NOT PROMISES.” I’d encourage you to read it. He said he’d dig out the list of principles that got Angus elected Premier back in 1978, but was having some trouble finding them. I knew where to find them, so I created a PDF and posted the following comment on his Facebook Post.

I’m reposting this information here on my website, because I’m attempting to do something quite similar as these visionaries did 40 years ago with my current bid to become leader of the PC Party, and I’d like as many people as possible to read the original “principles” before I release my own in January.

Here’s the comment I wrote on David’s Facebook Newsfeed:

“Hey David,  I’m surprised you say “12 principles” since, as I recall, you and Harry Baglole are the architects of them and there were just 10 – presented first in a somewhat longer form, then shortened. I’ve put together a pdf with both versions, taken from Ryan O’Connors excellent work: “Angus MacLean and the ‘Rural Renaissance’ – Shadow or Substance.” I’ve included a link to Ryan’s 47 page document as well.  I’ll be publishing my own, updated version of “10 Principles” before the upcoming PC Leadership Convention on February 9, 2019, after I’ve presented the rest of my policies individually, in grouped “series”. I’ve already put out my 4 on “True Transparency” and the next series will be 4 key “Anti-corruption” policies that will significantly transform the way government works, coming out the first week of January. Until then, Merry Christmas!”




Taken from,Angus MacLean and the ‘Rural Renaissance’ – Shadow or Substance,” by Ryan O’Conner







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  1. There has been a lot of changes since my father Knud Jorgensen was in provincial politics.Angus MacLean and Heath Macquarrie were welcome visitors at our house in Fredericton PEI.

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