Federal “Stays of Proceedings” and China: are we witnessing the beginning of a disturbing trend?

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  1. fromawaysite says:

    Kevin, is it not amazing, or should I have stated, staggering, the amount of pressure by those that were involved in the processing of applications and handling of funds involving the repeat address scam . It would all have come out in a court of law I’m sure.

  2. Lorraine Ella Clements says:

    This should be in court and the judge must have been influenced by a threat or something.

    • Kevin J. Arsenault says:

      Judges have no say in “Stay of Proceedings” Lorraine. When the prosecutor – either the federal public prosecutor or provincial Attorney General – issue a stay it is like they withdraw the charges they laid in court. The judicial system is set up in such a way that the judge must allow that action, does not initiate that action, nor does he or she have any say in that action. If a stay is issued with proper grounds, the fault lies with the government, not the courts.

  3. Phil says:

    Isn’t it a sad day when someone in the justice system can decide so late in the process that they will opt for the “stayed” option and yet have no accountability to the public why they undermine the public confidence in our legal system.
    I’m sorry but this smells!

    • Anonymous says:

      The situation is even worse than just intervening late in the process – a Crown Attorney can cover up malfeasance by government officials by issuing a stay of proceedings pursuant to s.579 of the Criminal Code of Canada. A Minister of the Crown is virtually immune from prosecution if that prosecution would embarrass or implicate the government in criminal conduct.

      • Karl Proude says:

        So who is our Minister of Justice for PEI ,Was he not self appointed or am I wrong?

      • Kevin J. Arsenault says:

        When Wade MacLauchlan became Premier, he appointed himself Minister of Justice and Attorney General until earlier this year when he appointed Jordan Brown Minister of Justice and Public Safety and Attorney General on January 10, 2018.

  4. George Davies says:

    Political interference in the judiciary?

  5. Skeptic says:

    The situation with Trudeau and China has deteriorated such that all of Canada is urged to make every possible concession to every person from China…..

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