Keep these two things in mind next federal election

1. There was a vote in Parliament last Wednesday and all four of our Liberal MPs sided with Trudeau and the rest of the liberals to vote down a bill that would prevent vaccination mandates, something Trudeau not that long ago was assuring Canadians was a ‘right’ protected by our Constitution!

2. Another update in recent federal Liberal ‘tyranny’ news: A motion to amend a clause in a Bill on “pandemic preparedness” – chaired by one of our own – seeking to replace an ‘advisory committee hand-picked by government’ with an actual public inquiry into how the government handled the pandemic response, was voted down.

I find it surprising that what the NDP mover of the motion had a lot of good things to say and was pretty ‘spot on,’ given the ‘do whatever Trudeau’ wants NDP-Liberal coalition in place. At any rate, I clipped and attached his argument for His motion taken from the committee video – judge for yourself.

Just a couple of recent things to keep in mind come next federal election.