A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud: Part 4 – A Fictitious and Fraudulent Project Grant

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6 Responses to A Conspiracy to Commit Fraud: Part 4 – A Fictitious and Fraudulent Project Grant

  1. Ray says:

    Kevin , Thank you ! ” The Law has been perverted by the influence of two entirely different causes : stupid greed and false philanthropy. ” Frederic Bastiat / The Law 1801-1850.

  2. Checker says:

    Excellent work Kevin. This information sheds light on activities to which citizens would not otherwise have access. It also illustrates what information is available to the public if you have the tenacity to seek it out. Most importantly, it illustrates just how reluctant the government is to release information as mandated by the Act. Citizens are encouraged to use the the Access to Information and Privacy Acts to full advantage to keep your self fully informed and our institutions in line.

  3. PETER GRANT says:


  4. Vision PEI says:

    Final installment in Kevin J Arsenault’s E-Gaming fraud investigation and it’s another bombshell. When we consider the totality of what Mr. Arsenault has discovered and backed up with documentation, it seems impossible to consider that the illegal behaviors may go unpunished. The fact that these privileged, connected, highly paid public servants have broken so many laws, and acted with such impunity may not be the most shocking and sickening part of this debacle. They have also discredited their professions and their personal reputations…forever.
    It will be so revealing to witness how the PEI Law Society and the Chartered Professional Accountants of Prince Edward Island react to the official complaints filed by Kevin Arsenault. Their members are obliged and expected to adhere to codes of conduct. Codes of conduct are formulated by groups of professionals in order protect their reputations for honesty and integrity. To give the public (their clients) assurances that they will behave in an ethical manner. If only a portion the allegations against them are valid, they have, as a group, drug their fellow colleagues into a cesspool of malfeasance. Are there any members of the Law Society and Chartered Professional Accountants who will stand up and protect their professional reputations and disown the actions of the crooks? Or will they, as a group hunker down deny and defend the despicable within their ranks, risking and diminishing their associations. We and many Islanders will be watching, very closely. We are not going away nor is Kevin Arsenault. We sincerely hope they opt for integrity.

  5. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Well said, Vision PEI. Thank you, Kevin, for all your investigative integrity.

  6. Marion Copleston says:

    Excellent work!

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