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It seems that the Senior Manager of CBC – PEI, Jim Ferguson, won’t be responding to my complaint about the failure of CBC-PEI to report on the e-gaming scandal and CMT lawsuit after all – it got bumped up to a higher level at CBC overnight.

This morning I received an email from Nancy Waugh – cc’d to Jim Ferguson and Donna Allen – who identifies as the Managing Editor of CBC Atlantic. I don’t get a sense from what she wrote that she’s conceding there’s any legitimate basis for my complaint…what do you think?

cbc email

It’s reassuring to know that it will be Ms. Waugh – someone who doesn’t live in PEI – who will eventually respond to the Ombudsman. I’m sure she’s more in touch than me – I only live here.

Her telling me that she’ll be responding to the Ombudsman, well, I take that to mean that she isn’t willing to acknowledge there’s any legitimate basis whatsoever for my complaint. I expect I’ll get more of the same nonsensical nonsense in her response to the Ombudsman that she provided to me in her email today.

Do these high-paid Managers in off-Island cities really believe there’s that much happening on PEI that dozens of people working at CBC in Charlottetown are too overwhelmed chasing down more-important stories to take a minute to tell Islanders about the upcoming PEI Supreme Court Contempt Motion Hearing against the PEI Government scheduled for February 6th? Or the growing number of “deemed refusals” being chalked up with e-gaming FOIP documents being illegally withheld by the King Government?

Consider the top five breaking news stories on CBC PEI’s website I just took a screen capture of:

CBC Lineup

I’m interested in knowing if CBC is interesting in knowing what you would like to see reported with CBC news. I’ve embedded a poll (you can check back later to see how the results are shaping up) and I’ll send the results to Ms. Allen in a couple of days.

Loading poll ...

Let’s help Donna Allen figure out what Islanders truly want our public broadcaster to keep us informed about – perhaps in the process we can also reduce the anxiety and stress that CBC reporters are apparently experiencing constantly trying to figure out what’s going on out in the real world in PEI politics outside the CBC bubble.

Knowing that – as Ms. Waugh states so beautifully in her email – at the CBC “…the needs of the audience are always at the centre of our thinking,” then why not exercise your democratic right as a member of the audience and cut and paste the following message to communicate your “needs”.   Here is Ms. Allen’s email address [Donna Allen], paste the content, add your own personal touch if you want, then click “send.”

Send Donna a message and you’ll accomplish two amazing things: (1) you’ll have helped to ensure that democracy is still (at least for the time being) alive and well in PEI; and (2) you’ll have hopefully helped CBC Management to better grasp the true meaning of the phrase: “YOU HAD ONE JOB!”

Dear Ms. Allen:

Could CBC please start covering the e-gaming CMT stories in a regular and in-depth way that truly informs Islanders of the many recent and important revelations revealing what is really going on with that ongoing scandal?

And could you also start reporting about the ongoing refusal of the PEI government to abide by the FOIP law? Including perhaps interviewing the Premier – or at least asking him a question – about the upcoming February 6th PEI Supreme Court Contempt Hearing against the PEI government and why his government is refusing to release documents in accordance with the law?


Very Concerned Islander


  1. Donna Allen Has never ever done anything to hurt a liberal.She killed a story about a minister having lied to the people and then again in the house along with filling false papers to the house. All documented on video tape and sworn witnesses. She should retire for the good of democracy.

  2. Hundreds of decisions every day??? On PEI?? Hardly! Looks like they are choosing stories based on effort. Kind of reminds of the good old days when the media used to print Provincial Press Reports verbatim without any fact checking. Talk about mailing it in. Ms. Waugh appears to me masking an attempt at brow beating in the last sentence – obviously she doesn’t know Kevin, lol.

  3. Hello Kevin:
    of course egaming is a major issue and Donna Allen never understood it and never will so forget about CBC covering it in any indepth way. But the Sheriff story and his repeated victims of young male adults in his custody is grossly under reported. He has been for a long time a predator!!

  4. That is the Federal governments response to everything, keep them in the dark and feed them BS. After all, we don’t count down here.

  5. Response from the regional manager just confirms what you allege, and what many of us believe — they are seriously out of touch.

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