Dear CBC-PEI…Enough is Enough


CBC is supposed to be our “public broadcaster” protecting our constitutional rights and freedoms, with a mandate that ties “informing Canadians” to fostering an open, transparent and democratic society.

It’s no secret to those following the e-gaming and CMT lawsuit stories that CBC PEI is failing us badly with fairly and diligently telling Islanders the truth about what’s been going on behind the scenes.

I have been keeping a log of just how poor a job our public broadcaster has been doing on this story, and I was just about to file a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman, but then realized that the first step in that process is to “complain” to the local CBC Manager.

I sent the following letter to Senior Manager, Jim Ferguson, today. I think a week should be a reasonable amount of time to wait to receive a response. If I don’t get a satisfactory response by then, I’ll be filing the more documented and detailed complaint with the CBC Ombudsman. I’ll let you know what happens.


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  1. Sounds as if an independent press is a thing of the past and the CBC has become a part of the liberal party,
    intent on doing the party’s bidding.

  2. We all know that CBC is a propaganda organ for Liberals and near Liberals in Canada. I would like to think that you will be successful but I am not hopeful. Same old same old and that is the way that the oligarchy wants it! Best of luck Kevin.

  3. Please don’t give up! You represent so many of us, that I can’t help but say I am happy you didn’t win the Conservative leadership! You would have been stifled and we would all still be in the dark.
    Appreciate all the work you do on our behalf.

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