This post is essentially three short videos. They speak for themselves so I’ll just tee them up a bit and leave you with a question to ask yourself after each clip.

There’s two short clips in the “then” section followed by one NOW clip from Thursday, June 5, 2020.



This clip is from Steven Myer’s 2014 year-end interview with Bruce Rainnie. Myers was the Interim PC Party Leader and Leader of the Official Opposition when he shared his opinion of Robert Ghiz’s legacy.

Ghiz had abruptly announced that he was stepping down as Premier just a short time before Myers had that Compass interview and after delivering a Throne Speech and before putting forward the budget, just days after receiving an advanced copy of CMT’s Private Investigator (Bruce MacDonald) report – very bizarre timing….it wasn’t long after that he was named as a Defendant in the law suit.

Watch the clip and ask yourself: “Would Myers ever rise in the House and declare that “Robert Ghiz acted at all times with the best of intentions towards Islanders?”


In early 2017, the Auditor General told the members of the Public Accounts Committee – in response to a question from Steven Myers – that Robert Ghiz had ordered the destruction of all his Chief of Staffs records, paper records, laptop files, and desktop computer files.

This clip is from the day the PC Justice Critic, Jamie Fox, tabled my report “Did Robert Ghiz and Neil Stewart Commit a Crime?” in the Legislative Assembly. That report  documented how the evidence proved that deliberate circumvention of regular protocols and procedures that Premier Ghiz had followed properly with all other staff leaving the Premier’s Office were NOT FOLLOWED with Chris LeClair.

Myers – like the entire PC Caucus – was absolutely convinced that Robert Ghiz had committed the criminal offence of “Committing Mischief to Data” and he cheered Jamie Fox on as Fox inflicted two days of punishment on the MacLauchlan Government during Question Period for failing to take action on Ghiz’s deletion of Chris LeClair’s records.

Fox was calling for a full criminal investigation with help from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) which had just successfully prosecuted the Premier of Ontario’s Chief of Staff for willfully destroying government records in the Premier’s Office.

That Ontario Gas Plant scandal had amazing similarities with Ghiz’s deletion of records in the Premier’s Office before leaving Government, and the PC Caucus wanted a similar outcome: conviction for committing a crime and a jail sentence.

The definition of Intention is defined in R. v Mohan as “the decision to bring about a prohibited consequence”. 

Destroying all of Chris LeClair government records – in all formats and on all devices, including on government servers – without first ensuring that they were backed up in accordance with the Archives and Records Act reveals a deliberate plan to seek out and destroy records to hide government dealings and frustrate the requirements for informed and accountable democracy.

The very same provincial Archives and Records Act that was the legislation breached in the Ontario Livingston case is the Act that was breached by Ghiz.

Remember: The thing that makes destroying government records a criminal act is “intention”. 

Could you hear that desk-banging in the background? Well the loudest thumps were from Myers.

So what’s the chances that Hon. Steven Myers stood up in the Legislative Assembly the other day [Thursday, June 5, 2020] and decided to put the following statement about Robert Ghiz on the official Hansard Record:

“I don’t ever, ever question whether or not I think he [Robert Ghiz] had the best intentions for Islanders.”


If Robert Ghiz broke the law when he  destroyed LeClair’s records – like Myers previously believed – then, by definition, that act was definitely not one done with the best intentions of Islanders in mind… it was a criminal act (Mischief to Data in the Criminal Code of Canada) worthy of a conviction and jail sentence as was doled out to David Livingston in Ontario.

In a previous article while trying to understand the collective “mass” flip-flop with the entire former PC caucus on the egaming scandal, I suggested that we may be dealing with something akin to the “invasion of body snatchers” as a joke.

As I continue to come up empty-handed in my search for an explanation for what Myers said in the PEI legislative Assembly last Thursday, the body snatcher theory is now on the table for real.

“Once you eliminate the impossible [i.e., that the “real” Steven Myers would believe what he said in the Legislative Assembly on Thursday, June 5, 2020 about Ghiz always having good intentions towards Islanders], whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”               

      —       Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Body snatchers!

Got nothing else.