Order CoverAfter a 1 1/2 year investigation, PEI’s Information Commissioner, Karen Rose, has just issued her Order on Brad Mix’s missing government records. However, it won’t be posted on OIPC’s website until Tuesday, June 16, 2020.

I requested this review in January, 2019 for a FOIPP Request I had submitted October, 2018 for Brad Mix records. If you’ve read my previous articles on this matter, you’ll recall that it was then-Deputy Minister of EGTC, David Keedwell [still a Deputy Minister] who was handling that FOIPP and deceived me about there being records to search when he knew there were none.

A few months later, Ms. Rose joined my review with four other reviews initiated by Paul Maines, President of CMT, since they all pertained to Brad Mix’s records in the same 2-year time period.

I believe the Commissioner’s Order will be a game-changer for PEI. It confirms that important documents were “destroyed” in violation of the Archives and Records Act, and that deceptive methods were employed to keep information about those destroyed documents from both Maines and me.

There has been no government response to Brad Mix’s 2 years of missing egaming emails, something first discovered and made public last July, 2019.  Brad Mix remains the most Senior person responsible for recruiting companies to PEI in Innovation PEI.

Many questions remain – there is now a “dead body on the beach” – we just don’t who’s responsible for that dead body.  But we now have official confirmation in PEI’s Information and Privacy Commissioner’s Order that those missing records were DESTROYED!

I expect the King Government’s silence on this issue of Brad Mix’s destroyed records will likely come to an end this week.

Will Hon. Peter Bevan-Baker, Leader of the Official Opposition, bring this critically-important matter to the floor of the legislative assembly first thing Tuesday afternoon when Question Period begins….perhaps also in a member statement about “transparency and corruption in government” delivered just before Question Period begins

Will the interim Leader of the third party Liberal Opposition, Sonny Gallant, speak up about this egregious behaviour?

Will Premier King voluntarily comment on Ms. Rose’s report, as is the tradition for PEI Premier’s with such serious OIPC Reviews and Orders involving government? Or will he be forced to explain himself in the Legislative Assembly under questioning from opposition members, or perhaps from reporters outside the rails? It should be an interesting week!

NOTE:  EGTC refers to the Department of Economic Growth, Tourism and Culture with Minister Matthew MacKay and Deputy Minister Erin McGrath-Gaudet identified as the “head” of the public body – references to the “public body’s” position or responses to the Information Commissioner on this case came from Deputy Minister Erin McGrath-Gaudet.

I’m applicant 1.    Paul Maines is applicant 2.

Here’s four of my favorite quotes from the 31 page Order:

Four of my favourite paragraphs in the 31-page Order

Quotes from Order

And under the final section V. “Summary of Findings“: