My normal routine these days is to have an afternoon “siesta” for a couple of hours usually, get up again in the late afternoon or early evening, often work through the night, or take another 2-3 hrs sleep at some point if I get tired.  This is very familiar to me, being more or less the way I lived when I stayed with the Trappists living an eremitical life (hermit) for two years many years ago, at the Monastery of Our Lady in Rogersville, N.B.

When I had my afternoon siesta yesterday, I had gone an especially long stretch without any sleep, so expected to sleep a good long time. When I woke up with “dawn light” [which looks deceptively like “dusk light” – and the other-way-around] feeling so rested (it had only been a couple of hours) then glanced at the clock and saw 6:48, I thought, “Yikes!” jumped in front of the computer, wrote the Daily Reflection, then hit “publish” and shared it to Facebook.

I guess it was about an hour later I realized it was “pm” and not “am”.  I already had 5 likes by then, probably because they appreciated the the “prophetic” character of it, i.e., I somehow “knew” what I would write this morning YESTERDAY!

I had one person ask, “what’s up with the posting Saturday’s Reflection on Friday evening?” so I thought a light-hearted confession would be a good way to start the day: “Bless me Father, I jumped the gun…” Amen.

What’s below was published yesterday evening just before 8pm.


You’re in luck. I slept in a bit this morning [(sic)], so don’t have as much time to write as much as I usually do!

I’ll share a couple of thoughts, then offer a prayer for this day[(sic) being meant for today, it is to be prayed again if you prayed it last evening)].


Notice again, those suspicious power-hungry and hypocritical Pharisees who “…went out and took counsel against Jesus to put him to death.”

When Jesus realized that, He took the same advice He gave His Apostles when He sent them out “two by two”: He shook the dust from His feet and left that town for another one.

Now notice who follows Jesus – only those needing healing!

It doesn’t say that explicitly, but only by implication, because it says:

“Many People followed….and He cured THEM ALL.” 

That hit me this morning – it’s all the broken hearted, sick, lonely, imprisoned, and all those who are without hope in life who “follow” Jesus, and in doing so, find what they are seeking:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.” [Matthew 7:7]

Many of the Jewish people – the powerful and rich especially – rejected Jesus. It was only those who knew they needed His healing who  followed Him – they needed something from Him, and being Love itself, He could only respond with Love by healing them.

The early church leaders struggled with the idea that God’s love and healing was for all people – not just the people God had chosen to be “His” people and the people from which the Messiah, Jesus, would be born and belong.

However, it wasn’t long before sorted things out and it became clear that the Gospel was indeed to be preached to “all nations,” and was not just the prize that God had in mind for his chosen people.

That has been the way things have been for 2,000 years – the Gospel has been preached to everyone throughout the world, regardless of race or religion or anything else.

Soon the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and all religious people, as well as non-religious people, will see just how great the love of God truly is, as a new Pentecost dawns.

Not on any one established religion – but on the entire world – all people of the earth –  as it gets poured out on the whole world in a great miracle of light and life.

It is then that we shall see how our Lord Jesus, King of Kings and Lord of Lord will “bring justice to victory,” when the “Gentiles will hope.”

That day is coming soon!

The reign of the evil one as “prince of this world” is about to come to an end in an unprecedented intervention in history – a great sign followed by a great outpouring of the  Holy Spirit. The sign will be seen by the entire population of the world. Those who know Jesus who will meet him in the miraculous event, as well as those who do not know Jesus, who will meet Him in that event bringing about by Divine intervention an Illumination of Conscience.

Then it will be that the “first will be made last” and those who are “of good will” will see the dawning of the glory of God on the earth as it bursts forth in His people.

Justice will indeed be brought to victory, and the gentiles will not only hope, but, like those who followed Jesus from a town which rejected him…be healed and saved by Him.


“Jesus, you know how many among your children are suffering despair these days with the onslaught of evil from the prince of this world. Bind up the wounds of the broken-hearted and restore their hope in You and the victory you have already secured over sin and death, with cost of your precious body and blood nailed to a cross as a beacon of hope for all those who despair to see and follow.

It is the rich and powerful – the hypocrites and pharisees in our day – who hate you, and hate us because we love you. Just as in your day, they are now ‘taking counsel to kill us”  and cause us to suffer and despair in life.

Therefore, strengthen our hearts this day O Lord, empower us with your Spirit to carry on your work, to bring the gospel to all those who are without hope so they too may follow You, find healing for their broken hearts, vigour for their weary spirits, and salvation for their lost souls.” Amen.