“God works in mysterious ways!”

How often have you heard someone say that? Even people you normally wouldn’t consider to be “religious”?

That’s what we say when the power of God manifests itself in a way that leaves us a little awestruck, unable to explain exactly what just happened; we do something that we normally wouldn’t be able to do with our normal toolbox of smarts and powers.

Things like that happen to all of us from time to time I believe, when we don’t consider our limits and don’t just decide: “there’s no point trying”.  Like those stories of heroic feats by mothers who lift cars to get their kid unstuck from under it….do you really think they would have tried to lift that car on nothing but a dare, believing they could do it? Not a chance!  But when love motivates us to act in service to others in dire and urgent need, well, “….all things are possible with God,” as Jesus assured us.

At those moments, when we ignore our self-imposed limits, we can surpass them with the help of God, leaving us awestruck, and sometimes a bit confused.  We sense the presence of something much bigger around us than our pea brains can usually grasp , within us, everywhere… and we are silenced for want of understanding how things happened the way they did – or didn’t happen – or whatever, things that just seem too darn “mysterious” to comprehend, but we’re VERY glad they happened, so….must have to do with how God “works in mysterious ways,” eh?


If you’ve been reading my Daily Reflections, then you’ve heard me talk a lot lately about an imminent “Illumination of Conscience” event that will happen in the world soon, that will be experienced by everyone in the world.  Talk about “God working  in mysterious ways!”

Mysterious?  Perhaps. But prophesied as well.  Jesus has not left us (His friends) in the dark about what is coming and how to prepare…the signs are there for those who have ears to hear (understand like a donkey) and eyes to see (know like a big-eyed ox).

For that to happen, however, we need to be “of the truth” so we can indeed hear and listen (obey) the voice of Truth, Jesus:

 “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow Me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish. No one can snatch them out of My hand.”

That’s what Jesus said after saying this:

“But because you are not My sheep, you refuse to believe” [John 10:27].

Being open to Truth is not to be “limited” or narrowed in our thinking to refer only to an explicit mention of “Jesus” alone.  Testifying to the truth of Jesus being the only Son of God who came in to the world to save us from our sins and died, was buried, and ROSE again is the central and core message of our witness. But…

We also need to testify to the truth that exposes deception, corruption and evil in the world that is leading other people to despair and, oftentimes, destruction. We are engaged in a spiritual battle with principalities and powers that can only be conquered by “good” – and as Jesus taught repeatedly, no one is “good” but GOD, so we need to allow God to work in and through us by the power of His Mighty and Holy Spirit – which is the Spirit of Jesus, imbued with all the Wisdom and Understanding that Jesus embodies in the fullness of God.

Currently, besides testifying to Jesus as saviour, the absolute priority issue to testify to is the truth about the grand global deception that is happening, and is so great and so evil that despite constant, daily attempts by countless people to have the evidence taken serious, i.e.  that we are being subjected to an evil campaign supported by the nations of the world to radically “depopulate” the world, with lethal bioweapons, it continues unabated.

Those bioweapons come in the injectable form, on the sick pretense that they are good for us and our health. The deceptive propaganda has worked, and  the majority of people (even here in PEI)  have been, and are still being: (1) manipulated so as not to have any interest in questioning what is happening, or what leaders are telling us must happen; and (2) denied access to the evidence of the truth of the deception and genocidal global campaign.

Most people have been deceived into believing mRNA injections are vaccines, when they are proven to be poison.  In the most sinister campaign possible, most have been groomed over a long period of time, with relentless social engineering and false messaging, to believe  those needles are for our own good and the only proper health response to COVID, and that we even that we have a MORAL obligation to get the injections “to protect other people,” which is a very big lie.

Information about effective treatments that are safe has been suppressed, and doctors are even PREVENTED from using treatments as they watch patients die before their eyes, completely unnecessary, which is to be an accomplice in genocide when that happens in hospitals around the world as the official “policy’ to which medical professionals comply.

Again, the truth that we all need to be testifying to and taking action to have taken seriously by our elected leaders, public servants, medical professionals and local media, is that there is indeed a campaign to weaken and enslave us to global tyranny that is Godless and evil, and kill untold numbers in the process.

The truth is these needles have been designed by evil human beings working together with a plan to damage and destroy us so they can control the future of planet earth, they believe they have the power to do this [yet-to-be-determined], and they are not asking permission from anyone to try.

Masses of people line up for those injections as a result of a demonic “long-game” social engineering campaign that has manipulated our behaviour and engrained new ways of thinking, believing and perceiving the world,ourselves and others that are ALL BASED ON LIES.

As those lies are identified and exposed, the issue is not that there are “two sides to every story” anymore, but rather, that only one side of the story is getting to most of the people who are deceived, because the same people trying to kill us who are inflicting this evil also own and/or control the media and messaging platforms.

Truth has to be “heard” if we are to overcome evil with good. That’s where we come in, because that’s not happening a lot lately as truth about urgent “get-the-car-off [injection out off]-the kid” issues is being completely suppressed by the very same powerful global entities bent on depopulating the world and claiming the future for themselves, without a free humanity, and without God.

That level of control of God’s creation and God’s children  is not going to stand for much longer.

God’s glory is about to be manifest in the world in a way that will hardly (scratch that, and replace it with “will NOT be”) comprehensible to our limited imaginations and understanding.

That Divine power is already being made manifest in new and various ways in individuals renewing their faith in God and surrendering to live in the Spirit as faithfully as possible.   They are experiencing new signs of God’s power and presence in their lives; and public displays of that power by people formerly timid and private, risking without thought of consequence to obey God – boldly speaking truth directly into the face of evil in the world (the children of the Devil…the “father of lies,” because that’s what Jesus called liars, and they are liars).

I shared a “miracle of the sun” the other day, and despite knowing that there are lots of people who would likely say, “Well, that pretty much seals it – Kevin’s gone completely loopers!!” when I say that I experience miracles every day [not magical things like toads turning into princes with a flick and a “Poof!” – but real miracles where the truth that is eternal breaks through the veil that is temporal and manifests the glory of God through us.

This happens in myriad ways – for example, we know we don’t have the ability to do something we want to do, and no matter how much we might try, we finally come to realize that we simply don’t have the ability, the skill, the coordination, the concentration, or whatever, and walk away.

Then one day that “thing” that you know you can’t do that becomes especially important is not only something you find that you can “do” – but do well, with ease, with a power and capacity that you know you didn’t have the day before and did nothing to acquire on your own in the time between yesterday and today, but “voila!” you suddenly have this new-found ability or power. Perhaps not as dramatic as having immediately fluency in a foreign language like the Apostles on Pentecost, but still….

“God works in mysterious ways!”   Indeed!


Believe it or not, I’m a bit shy when it comes to performing music.  I don’t really know how to properly record music, I don’t know how to read music, and as far as playing the guitar and piano, I’m self-taught, and teaching yourself something you don’t know takes time..you first have to learn “how” to learn before actually learning. Plus, I don’t have very good equipment.  The piano I used in this morning’s recording on my smart phone I set on top of the piano before I turned it on I got on Kiiji for $500!

Whenever I finally get the gumption to record a song I wrote, or learned, and feel like I really want to record and share, I usually put it off forever, then when I  finally do get around to it, it tends to take days trying to get a version that doesn’t have mistakes, because they all do, even the final one, when I reluctantly say to myself, “that’s going to have to do…I just can’t bear to hear myself sing that again!” 

When you have the chance to “do it again,”  the temptation is unfortunately to (sigh!) do it again. It’s an ego thing in part for sure.  To “fix the mistake” becomes the “focus” rather than, for example, a more honest heart-felt expression of the emotion in the words of the song in the lyrics.

I can usually fix that mistake in my next go no problem….and,  darn, make three more in the process, and so on it goes, so yeah, at some point that madness has to end.

That kind of “perfection” is entirely ego=based of course [“perfectionism”] and not much more than a symptomatic expression of my insecurity (and possibly a host of other stuff we don’t need to get into this morning).

That’s not at all the kind of perfection that Jesus called us to when He commanded us “to be perfect as our Father in Heaven”.


So I got up at 4:00 am this morning, and almost immediately heard the words in my head: “time for  another music video” .

I had toyed with the idea of doing one lately, and finally decided that I would do one within a week or so, but that is of a song I received (lyrics and music) in a vision I had a good number of years ago, but couldn’t actually “play and sing” until very recently,  but I’ll leave that story for another post. When I had the thought “time for another music video” this morning I knew it wasn’t about that project.

The next thing I did was read the readings and Gospel for the day to begin my Daily Reflection.

When I saw that it was the feast day of Mary Magdalene, I immediately knew exactly what God was calling me to do for a daily reflection today – a music video – (yikes) so I just went to the piano, turned it on, hit the “record” button on my text audio app on my smartphone, and played a song I recently learned, one take, no do-over, then transferred it to my computer via email.

I then went into the other room, opened the file on my computer, downloaded it, opened it in another app,  put a bit of reverb on it, added a video clip of a couple things that I quickly pulled of the internet….no stress whatsoever, no insecurity, [not really concerned about what people think of the song, or my voice, or my piano playing, etc.]  experiencing a deep peace, and very comforting sense of God’s presence and power, as well as the sense that I was doing exactly what I was being asked to do at the time.

I believe God knew that I was to do this on this exact day back just before Easter. That’s  when I accidentally came across Amy Grant’s song about Mary Magdalene, which had a profound impact on me at the time. I couldn’t listen to it for a week after hearing it that first time without tearing up, and that’s the truth!  especially when I heard the words: “When my name, crossed His lips, How could I stay silent?”

So no, the recording is so very far from “flawless” [I hadn’t even had my morning bucket of coffee]….but it’s perfect to me, and I believe for God as well.  I did not limit myself, but let God pour in and through me what He wanted me to share this morning, warts and all, so if you’re upset or disappointed with the quality, take it up with the “big guy upstairs” as the union boys and girls would say!

Despite the quality, because I was faithful, despite my insecurities about doing this little music video for my morning post, I believe it pleases God that I did it, and that although I have no idea how, that it will accomplish whatever He had in mind inspiring me to do this.  Does that mean I’m going to get a call and a recording contract by nightfall?  Maybe. What!

I should add that it was only after I had that experience just before Easter hearing that Ellie McComb and Amy Grant’s song by chance that I was inspired to start these daily reflections,  having heard myself in that experience the call to “Go and speak!”

If you want to know what a truly flawless version sounds like, I put the original at the end of the post after the Daily Prayer.   But don’t listen to that version first…mine will sound so much worse..ha ha (ok, maybe a bit of ego left).

                       A WOMAN      

I could never speak it
But I didn’t quit when they called me heretic
They said I was too dangerous
So, I stood with all the women at a distance

But once my name crossed His lips
How could I keep quiet
He is not ashamed to be
Seen with me beside Him

I have seen the Lord
I will speak of Him
And nobody could talk me out of it
I have seen the Lord
And my Lord’s seen me
Oh, He said my name
And told me ‘go and speak’
Of what You’ve seen

How could I not speak it
That You didn’t quit when they called You heretic
They said it was too scandalous
For You to come so close to me
But You still did it

And once my name crossed His lips
How could I keep silent
He is not ashamed to be
Seen with me beside Him

I have seen the Lord
I will speak of Him
And nobody could talk me out of it
I have seen the Lord
And my Lord’s seen me
Oh, He said my name
And told me ‘go and speak’
Of what You’ve seen

I will run and tell the story of
The One denied stayed buried but it is alive
Spirit’s setting tongues on fire

All of heaven’s singing glory, glory, glory
Trees are clapping, clapping, clapping
Rocks are shouting, shouting, shouting
And then there’s me, a woman

And I will speak
Of what I’ve seen
I will speak
Of what I’ve seen
I will speak
Of what I’ve seen
Go and speak
Of what You’ve seen
Go and speak
Of what You’ve seen
Go and speak


As I look at the clock since getting up at 4am and hearing those words, and I consider all these words I’ve written, the little very unprofessional music video I just put together in one take, all in about 3 hrs, I think to myself: “God does indeed work in mysterious ways”  – with the additional thought (gaze ahead in my mind to the days to come): “We ain’t seen nothing yet!”


I finished this post, the recording…the entire deal and was about to hit “publish” when the power went out…it just came back on 2 1/2 hrs later, so I’m hitting post quick in case it happens to go out again. Some mighty powerful lightning happening in the sky off and on….that’s a direction we’ll want to keep our eyes fixed on in the days ahead for sure!



“Jesus, you are all in all, and you want to give yourself completely to each and every one of us, and you did that by sacrificing yourself out of love so we might see and accept your mercy and be saved from our enslavement to sin and made free to live in the glorious life of the presence of the Holy Trinity.   You died on the cross for us, and now must suffer patiently as we ignore you as you stand outside the door of our hearts  gently knocking, and long for us to open.

Dear Jesus, give us to see that nothing is impossible for God, and that it is His good pleasure to give us every good thing if we but ask and believe.  Give us hearts open fully to the inspiration of God’s Holy Spirit today Jesus, we who are faithful, obedient, and  trust in Your words and promises.

Remove in us this day, oh Lord, all inclinations we may have to limit the manifestation of your glory that is possible by the power of God, and we not succumb to own weakness, fear and insecurity.

Give us the awareness at every moment of this day that you are indeed “all in all” – even in us and in our daily lives – and that if we but trust completely in the love and mercy and power of God, we will be surprised and made to marvel at the wonders that You, the Father and Holy Spirit will work in us your children.” Amen