Fleeing Babylon

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PREAMBLE When was the last time you spoke these words to God in prayer: “Your Kingdom come, your Will be done, on EARTH as it is on heaven”? Hmmm.  Just [...]
PREAMBLE In the newly-filed lawsuit against Premier King et. al., the core of the lawsuit is focussed around the use of private emails to avoid Freedom of Information Act disclosure.  [...]
Brad Trivers is named and identified in the PEI Supreme Court filing against Dennis King, Allan Campbell, Chris LeClair and Jeffrey Reynolds as a “Non-Party” respondent, along with his wife [...]
PREAMBLE The truth has a way of catching up with people in positions of power whenever they try to hide it from the people they are elected to serve. At [...]
Episode 7: MONKILEAKS Preamble I suspect most of the information in this article will be new to you, as it was new to me until recently, when I received one [...]
PREAMBLE I was ecstatic when Hon. Peter Bevan Baker stood in the Legislative Assembly on June 25, 2020 to introduce “Motion 86”. Motion 86 was written to establish a Special [...]
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