I submitted a formal request to PEI’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Denise Doiron, on October 1, 2021 that she investigate Premier King to determine if he has been – as has been alleged in sworn PEI Supreme Court documents in a lawsuit against Dennis King et al – that he had a group of people with whom he was discussing an online gaming proposal to use his non-government account to keep records from, as the sworn affidavit says, “…Dr. Kevin Arsenault.”

I have taken this action not simply on my own behalf, but on behalf of all Islanders seeking the truth on this critically-important matter – if the allegation that King orchestrated to keep secret what should be government records available to me or any Islander is true (which I believe it is) I see no course of action but for Dennis King to resign as Premier. 

Due to the “public interest” nature of this particular request to the Commissioner, it is my intention to share all correspondence between me and Commissioner Doiron on this file, or any other relevant material or information.


Normally, I hear back from the Commissioner same day, or within a few days, on all my communications, and there have been a considerable number since Ms. Doiron replaced Karen Rose as the Commissioner.  This one was different.

I had requested acknowledgement of receipt of my request, but did not receive any from Ms. Doiron. After a couple of weeks, I called the office and spoke with the receptionist who confirmed for me the Commissioner had received my request.

A week later, I spoke to Maria MacDonald, an Adjudicator at the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission (OIPC), about my concern with not getting acknowledgement of receipt of my request nor what I regarded as a timely response. She could  provide no information other than that the Commissioner was working on it.

Finally, on October 27, 2021, I sent the Commissioner the following letter:


I received a response from the Commissioner later that day:

After a month, I’ll finally learn whether this investigation will proceed or not, next week, “…hopefully not later than Wednesday.”

I’ll post the Commissioner’s response when it arrives.