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Another gem of medical wisdom from our CPHO this morning: “Stay home if unwell.” I WOULD NOT HAVE CONSIDERED DOING THAT…and that’s why so many Islanders are willing to put their blind faith and trust in her – those weekly rays with Rhodes-scholar-level-lumens” lighting the darkness and giving us hope.
“Stay home if unwell!” Why didn’t I think of that? That’s bumper-sticker worthy if you ask me.  I guess that’s why we pay her the big bucks!
Dr. Morrison keeps smiling and lying in her weekly press briefings unimpeded by the fear that would normally come from such persistent and complete fabrication being delivered live to the public, but there’s a reason for her relative calm and it has to do with the following sentiment: “Ya gotta love it when the media’s got your lying back!”
Dr. Morrison is always a tad light on the ‘science’ behind her many royal proclamations, as she attempts to happily remind us all like a coach in the locker room that we can win this game if we all “do our part” (which is to follow what she says blindly) which is the ONLY way back to the freedom and joy we lost from this pandemic.  [Note: whenever the “collateral damage” to our lives and freedoms are briefly referenced by Dr. Morrison, she talks as if the ‘virus’ has caused this, but we’ve had nearly 400 people apparently stricken by this deadly pestilence in nearly 2 years and none were sick enough to have to stay in the hospital.  The hospital cases reported were apparently transferred from Ontario.
Morrison tells us the injections work wonderfully, and something we all need  to get….all lies.
What she doesn’t say anything about at all is the science and most recent findings confirming the deadly consequences of having this pathogenic substance in our bodies, in the short-term, mid-term and long-term, each “term” having it’s only “phase” of harmful impacts biologically.
What the science has clearly established is that the mRNA injection:
(a) the mRNA injection does not prevent infection;
(b) the mRNA injection does not prevent spread of infection to other people;
(c) there are proven, inexpensive and safe preventive drugs and therapies to both prevent and heal infection causing C-19, which HAVE BEEN BANNED, so interim use authorization could be granted for use of untested injections being called ‘vaccines,’ when they are actually radial new gene-editing technologies that work inside the body; and that injections
(d) injections of anythings, mRNA or not, are not needed, especially in young people, since there is ZERO risk of adverse events from the disease for children under 20 (i.e., not a SINGLE person hospitalized in Canada [pop. 37 million] last week according to Health Canada’s own data].
There are, however, PROVEN, serious and certain long-term harms from the needles containing gene-editing technology genetically-engineered, apparently with the aim to improve upon what God took a stab at and fell short when He created us…that perfection is now in sight from our own superior ingenuity and technolgical abilities to achieve a better version of “human” .
So go home Dr. Morrison, and stay home until you’re willing to answer the questions you know you can’t answer honestly without confessing your deceptive, continued promotion of a evil campaign bent on fast-injecting little innocent children with what is a now-certain “gain of function” (function = make a virus not infecting humans INFECT humans) classified by world experts – for its pathogenic properties, and as a result of the various ways it can trigger or cause disease in multiple organs in the body – as a BIOWEAPON.
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Meanwhile, we have 27 MLAs who won’t listen to anything but those lies it seems, or at least they won’t say anything publicly, other just nod support for those lies , and leaders in all our businesses, social institutions and churches pushing those same lies.
Even Catholic priests are playing “doctor” using their pulpits as soapboxes for the globalists,expressing disdain and disgust at their own parishioners coming to worship without getting the needles, saying they are safe and effective and people are essentially selfish and stupid if they don’t get it, well, that’s contrary to our Criminal Code and not supported by the facts, which are being completely censored, and are that the injections are a dangerous bioweapon, not a cure for anything.
I pray for those who are being intimidated into setting their gut feelings aside and giving in to the pressure to allow that poison to be injected into their body.
So many uninformed leaders playing doctor, pronouncing lies they believe are truths (but obviously never verified as such), giving strong medical advice, which again, is absolutely forbidden in our criminal code [i.e., “practicing medicine without a licence”].
Such a crime carries severe penalties with conviction, not to mention severe penalties and payouts in lawsuits to those harmed by trusting that medical advice who launch lawsuits in the civil court.
Praying our leaders are moved to seek and speak the truth to expose and help end this tyrannical scourge posing as public health protection.