On Sunday, November 20th, during the regular morning Mass celebrating Christ the King, Reverend Maurice Praught gave us a good example of what a compromised “false” shepherd looks like in his Homily! Apparently this scripted homily from the last of 3 Masses he celebrated is less harsh than what he said at the previous 2 Masses, which is hard to believe.

Rather than pouring out the Water of Life from the Waterbearer – Jesus – in a joyous homage to our King of Glory who loves us with all his heart, Rev. Praught  delivered a hypocritical, pharisaical message fostering division, confusion and support for an evil global agenda. It isn’t really that hard for an informed person to see how his fumbling words are coming from the paper and his head, not his heart, and how they are mostly predicated on the very same fear that Jesus told us we didn’t need to have if we trust in Him.

Not a bit of wonder so many Catholics are lukewarm, when they’re being fed ice cubes by their shepherds in place of Gospel porridge that sticks to the ribs and warms the heart.

These were the scriptural readings that Reverend Praught was supposed to expound upon so as to elucidate the meaning of the sacred words, making them “brighter” for his flock

1st Reading – Daniel 7:13-14

13 As the visions during the night continued, I saw one like a Son of man coming, on the clouds of heaven; when he reached the Ancient One and was presented before him,

14 the one like a Son of man received dominion, glory, and kingship; all peoples, nations, and languages serve him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that shall not be taken away, his kingship shall not be destroyed.

2nd Reading – Revelation 1:5-8

5 Jesus Christ is the faithful witness, the firstborn of the dead and ruler of the kings of the earth. To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood,

6 who has made us into a kingdom, priests for his God and Father, to him be glory and power forever and ever. Amen.

Jesus Christ Canvas Print 11 x 14 religious clouds | Etsy7 Behold, he is coming amid the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him. All the peoples of the earth will lament him. Yes. Amen.

8 “I am the Alpha and the Omega, ” says the Lord God, “the one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty.”

Idea to ponder:Blueprints” don’t come as a “Son of Man” on the “Clouds of Heaven.”


Gospel – John 18:33B-37

33B Pilate said to Jesus, “Are you the King of the Jews?”

34 Jesus answered, “Do you say this on your own or have others told you about me?”

35 Pilate answered, “I am not a Jew, am I? Your own nation and the chief priests handed you over to me. What have you done?”

36 Jesus answered, “My kingdom does not belong to this world. If my kingdom did belong to this world, my attendants would be fighting to keep me from being handed over to the Jews. But as it is, my kingdom is not here.”

37 So Pilate said to him, “Then you are a king?” Jesus answered, “You say I am a king. For this I was born and for this I came into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice.”

*  *  *  *  *  *

To identify and then understand the deception in this priest’s interpretation and messaging on the Gospel – where nothing at all of “clouds” or “Jesus” coming amid them is held up in wonder and awe, I’ve broken up what he had to say into 11 short segments.

I’ll play them in the proper order, and nothing has been deleted, and make some observations on each segment giving my take on what he’s saying.

By the end, I think you’ll understand why I feel entirely justified in pronouncing his words as fraudulent, harmful, criminal even, and ENTIRELY against the Spirit of Jesus, which is a Spirit, by the way, that always welcomes (even kissing lepers) and seeks in all circumstances at all times to unify us, not spew fear through the illusions of wicked globalists dreaming of a united planet inspired by such fear, but in the simple message of mercy, love and peace found in the heart and person of Jesus, getting to truly know Him and abiding in His presence…the OPPOSITE of what the homily delivered by Rev. Praught wrought!


Wow! What a way to start a reflection for a celebration of the Kingship of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour!

Yeah…that guy…the Lord of all, the person born of a virgin, Mary, the one who was crucified under Pontius Pilate, died horribly on the cross in agony for hours, descended to the dead, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, took his seat with His and our Father….the one we believe will come again in glory as promised. 

“I got a better idea,” said Rev. Praught (presumably) to himself, “Let’s start with an image of an angry person confronting us trying to shake us out of our lethargy and realize the great threat we are living on this planet and “get real”…then spring some pressure to fall in line with what those people as the top are telling us we need to do to “do our part” in saving the planet and uniting us all in a global group of greatness.”

“We need to be alert” [we hear in this message]. but apparently not for the eternal destiny of our  souls under threat from Satan who roams hunting like a ravenous, lyin lion, on the look-out for all those ominous scary things the experts at the UN and WHO are warning us (daily) will likely happen in our future SOON, if we aren’t perpetually anxious and vigilant and supportive of their efforts to reset everything as fast as possible to avert catastrophe ,and possibly total annihilation as a planet…that’s the call of the Cosmic Christ coming to Christians in the new age of living on a globe teetering on the edge of oblivion, where our shepherds are telling us to  fear,  and stop mentioning the name of  “Jesus” as we all get together fast to save ourselves before it’s too late in the cosmic Christ.

That’s not the crucified Christ I know and follow!  


Some good points here, no question….when confronted with painful truths, we all know how easy it is to turn our attention away from those things to more pleasant things, and in doing so, we can easily blind ourselves, deaden our awareness of the truths that matter, as we flounder in a life avoiding rather than embracing the truth of the reality in which we live.


More good stuff. Distractions can (especially when embedded in our consciousness as ‘addictions’) keep us from facing reality and, as Rev. Praught says, “living in the truth.”  But what exactly is truth?

 Jesus: “For this reason I was born and have come into the world, to testify to the truth. Everyone who belongs to the truth listens to My voice.” What is truth?” Pilate asked. And having said this,he went out again to the Jews and told them,“I find no basis for a charge against Him.”

Notice that Pilate – despite his faithless hedonism –  did, in his capacity as governor and judge in the matter, TESTIFY TO AT LEAST THE ESSENTIAL JUDICIAL TRUTH, immediately going out and pronouncing that Jesus was INNOCENT!

But (big but) being a politician and all, not to mention a faithless hedonist and barbaric tyrant, he found it more convenient to cater to the mob and sacrificed Jesus to them to kill anyway, notwithstanding his pronouncement of the innocence of Jesus.

In other words – and this is key –  Pilate testified to A truth (the innocence of Jesus) just not THE truth that might have challenged the mob’s dark minds (their evil intent against an innocent man). 

I mention this here because it is critically-important that when Jesus said that he came into the world to “testify to the truth” he wasn’t talking about some abstract philosophical insight about how he is some kind of a “blueprint” for the cosmos….some invisible spiritual plasma or something that somehow mysteriously unites us, whether we know it or not.

This quasi-pantheistic (or panentheistic) philosophy is not Catholic teaching, but is certainly attractive to globalists wanting to meld everyone into a “religion” that gets rid of the person of Jesus.

So instead of talking about Jesus as the Christ, the Alpha and Omega and Lord of all, the language becomes “depersonalized” with a cosmic christ where all human beings and creation somehow participate.  This new-agey vein of modern theological thought has seriously infected the minds and hearts of MANY priests, rendering them false shepherds and dangerous for what they are perceived to be but are not.

Jesus offers us salvation as the light of truth, which we can only receive in a “real encounter” with TRUTH, the person of Jesus, our Lord and our God.

Jesus isn’t a ‘blueprint’.  He is the only Son of God who came down from heaven as the eternal Word, born of Mary, to testify to the truth to bring the light of truth to us through His selfless life and sorrowful passion and death.

In meekness and humility, Jesus conquered sin and death and opened the way for us out of the darkness, bringing us into an understanding of truth and the marvellous glory of God, given freely through his boundless mercy and love, He didn’t come to expound on principles of speculative philosophy to give us insights into how we’re all connected somehow in the cosmos – He came to heal and save and welcome us into the Kingdom of God to enjoy the fullness of being in the glory of union with Him and our Father in the Spirit of God!

 “The Light has come into the world, but men loved the darkness rather than the Light because their deeds were evil.  Everyone who does evil hates the Light, and does not come into the Light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.  But whoever practices the truth comes into the Light, so that it may be seen clearly that what he has done has been accomplished in God.”

PRACTICES the truth…..”  keep that phrase and word in mind as you watch the subsequent clips of Rev. Praught’s Christ the King homily.

“Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to His disciples:  “The scribes and Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat.  So practice and observe everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.” [Matthew 23:1-3]


All good stuff…true as true that we have to SEEK OUT THE TRUTH.  But here’s the problem with that….all the Catholics I know think as follows: “Hmmmm….Father says we need to get the truth by seeking it, but you know what, I trust that if he’s telling us to do that he already did that himself, so whatever he found is good enough for me!”

So, after explaining that the devil’s game is keeping us from the truth, explaining the importance of how Jesus himself said that the truth would set us free, making us obligated to seek out the truth on matters of conscience, so as to INFORM our conscience of that truth, and not follow what others dictate trusting (but not really knowing) what the truth is, no matter who they may be, especially when the decisions we are called upon to make carry significant moral and spiritual importance, HE HIMSELF DOESN’T DO IT!

Unbelievable to “teach” others what you didn’t learn and come to understand, but picked up as unverifiable ‘hearsay’ – especially when that teaching is medical advice delivered illegally to hundreds of people who TRUST  your guidance to be good and true, and able to be followed safely.


After having heard the importance of undertaking “due diligence” in seeking out the truth (and quietly deciding to just pay attention to what the good father might have found, and forego the personal research) I expect parishioners were taking note of what Rev. Praught’s search for truth uncovered.

It doesn’t take long for Rev. Praught to reveal his real concerns (remember we are supposed to be celebrating Christ the King).

You can feel the fear and presentation of life as one of living in a state of constant anxious readiness, on the ready for some crippling catastrophe.   His use of people outside our borders impacting us, reference to climate change, and human rights….shows clearly where he is getting his research for his homilies in the themes and wording, and they aren’t commentaries on the Bible.

The values and principles being espoused are non-religious, the very same as found within the UN 2030 agenda, World Health Organization, World Trade Organization, and the other entities in the network of powerful international, unelected bodies running the world and telling us (not “asking” us) what the future will be.


Although those values and principles in their abstracted form, as “ideals”,  may not be “incompatible” with Catholic Social teaching, at least in some aspects, especially with respect to human rights, it is NOT presented within the well-established foundational principles of Catholic social teaching, especially one of the four pillars, the foundational principle of “subsidiarity”  –  what is happening globally, in Canada and here in PEI with the effective abolition of parliamentary democracy shows EXACTLY why that fundamental ethical principle is one of the four pillars of Catholic social teaching.

Every number of years the Diocese of Charlottetown offers a 2-year program to train “lay apostolates”.  That training involves  a number of weekends where the group (usually about 15-20) stay overnight at a retreat house and a “guest” presenter delivers the training for the weekend.

For every session for the last 20 years (as far as I’m aware) I have been invited to deliver the training on Catholic Social teaching and how to properly understand what ethical action and spiritual witness should look like in today’s world, based on that teaching.

When the language and phrases you use betray the source of your information, the “vision” that information generates will also betray the absence of the Spirit of God. 

In the case of the nature of the “one world religion” that will underpin the one world government running the new world order, the one that Pope Francis has indeed seemed to have been blinded into thinking may be the realization of the ecumenical dream of uniting all people into one family under God, which isn’t a bad dream in and of itself, but not one we can realize with a plan under the control of tyrants inspired by demons.


I hope the criminal irony in these words doesn’t escape you: he says – “….in trying to influence others in their decisions in whether to be vaccinated or not.”

To “dialogue” or share information about whether the mRNA needles are safe and effective as claimed is not a bad thing – as Rev. Praught seems to suggest. 

What is not only bad, but “criminal” under the Canadian Criminal Code, is what Rev. Praught did – provide medical advice without legal authorization or credentials to do so – which is a criminal offence.  Rocco Galati has repeatedly indicated in his court filings and public pronouncements that people in positions of trust and authority who pressure or advise others medically, resulting in medical decisions causing harm. are legally liable in civil law, and possibly responsible for a crime under provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada.   

Reverend Praught is not only telling people they must get the needles, he is effectively telling them that no matter how smart they may think they are, if they don’t get the needles, they are stupid!

That clearly constitutes “medical advice” for which he is NOT qualified to provide. Worse still, it is advice that is 100% opposite to the truth, and will almost certainly cause harm and possibly disability or death to those he is pushing to get needles on basic moral and religious grounds.

Rev. Praught would not have been committing a crime if he had stuck to his job and informed his parishioners of the truth about how the mRNA injections are not “vaccines” but gene-editing bioengineered “weapons” now understood at the molecular and mechanistic levels as being pathogenic, and without getting into any of those details here, countless thousands of otherwise healthy (often young) people are dropping dead from the pathogenic impacts of these needles.


Let’s see if Rev. Praught has more than a report from CBC, the Guardian or CNN to challenge what Dr. Peter McCullough has been reporting to the world in countless forums (senate hearings; boards; scientific journals [two of which he edits], but first a bit of bio on him:

A little research would have fixed up that 180 degree misunderstanding that turned Rev. Praught’s homage to Christ the King into a strong promotion of the devil’s agenda!

The extent to which Rev. Praught is either aware and culpable, or unaware and was just too obviously too lazy to verify what he heard and clearly accepted as trued from the false narrative, and what may end up having deadly consequences for some of  his parishioners,  is of no concern to me. I’ve added him to my prayer list.

What  he is doing and saying to innocent people who are trusting that what he is saying is coming from heaven when it is NOT…..well, that IS most currently a priority concern of mine!

If I was a parishioner in his parish present during last weekend’s Masses, I’d file a Pre-Enquete criminal charge. If anyone takes the needles and suffers harm after acting on his very strong, even intimidating and castigating, guidance, they should sue, and in the meantime, present him with a notice of liability. And he should be forbidden to give any more homilies.


Back to the UN Agenda…but listen to the buzz words and catch phrases “…to keep not just ourselves, but everyone safe….”

The underlying propaganda is not explicitly stated – it doesn’t need to be given in plain terms since it’s potency in our collective unconscious is so great: we recognize those ideas in the false narrative and they resonate, phrases like “we’re in this together” as one big family in a shrinking world…if you’re not with us, you’re selfish, and probably deserve to be segregated, treated with a bit of disdain, ostracized, and yes, IF NECESSARY (which translates into “if Dr. Morrison who is smarter than you says so…) EXCLUDED from participation in the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.


Listen to the stumbling…he’s talking about some mysterious, amorphous “Christ” not telling us about JESUS the CHRIST.  He says Jesus is the “pattern of the universe” and claims he “doesn’t come to proclaim any kind of…control of history,” ….seriously?

That’s the message to the followers of Jesus on the feast of Christ the King?  Jesus not only pronounced that he was the fulfilment of the promise made to David, through the prophets, and by countless servants of God….that he was not only the Anointed One of God, God-become-Man, the promised Messiah, Yeshua, the Alpha and Omega, but yes, a KING (again, not a blueprint) whose victory on the cross sealed the victory of God over evil and would in time bring the culmination and complete domination, control and eventually, END to history, as his Kingdom that will have no end is established.

He says: “That is what we believe when we say we believe in both Jesus and Christ”

Don’t forget how he separates the person of Jesus from the “mystery” of the universal Christ….you’ll be hearing that lie a lot more. They believe Jesus offends the non-Jesus believers that have to come into the “one world government” so we can create that one family under God. 

Notice what he then immediately focuses on…not the loving heart of our brother and Lord Jesus, but that “universal blueprint”!


“When we have the courage to live truthfully…..” HE SAYS!  O.K., how about a little truth this coming Sunday!

Confess to your parishioners that you didn’t research and verify what you told them about being stupid if they don’t take the needles, and boosters galore of course (if you’re in you’re “all in”) was not VERIFIED by you, but based solely on what you learned since last Sunday is a censored, corrupt and suppressed false narrative being perpetrated by all the media networks and platforms under the ownership and/or control of the same global criminals perpetrating a demonic crime against humanity of gargantuan proportions not conceivable or executable but for the Satanic forces conceiving and guiding it through the evil minions of men and women on earth they inspire and motivate.  

Confess  that my brother Garth sent you enough information in his extensie letter and fact sheet that, if you had bothered to read and investigate the matter 6 months ago when you received it, you would have known the truth and could have properly informed and warned people, possibly preventing them from unnecessarily taking the injections, or having their children transformed into GMOs with a pathogenic, gene-altering experiment, the aims of which (beyond being deadly to many people) are not yet fully known, but surely malicious since everything is based on robbing people of freedom, coercion and disregard for unnecessary human suffering and death.

If 6 months ago Reverend Praught (and the other Catholic priests of the Diocese of Charlottetown) had taken what my brother sent to them seriously (which he likely didn’t,  since he never responded as he was asked to do), then he would have known better than to have so badly misled his sheep last Sunday, telling them they’re basically idiots if they don’t do what he says and rush out to get jabbed, saying in the same breath how important it is to seek out the truth, CLEARLY NEVER HAVING DONE SO HIMSELF!



Concerned about the influence of what has been dubbed “new age religious thinking, where the word “Jesus” is seldom mentioned, being replaced by “Christ” but, understood in a cosmic/universal sense apart from JESUS the Son of Man and Son of God to come in the clouds, as we heard in Rev. Praught’s homily:

Christ: In New Age the historical figure of Jesus is but one incarnation of an idea or an energy or set of vibrations. For Alice Bailey, a great day of supplication is needed, when all believers will create such a concentration of spiritual energy that there will be a further incarnation, which will reveal how people can save themselves…. For many people, Jesus is nothing more than a spiritual master who, like Buddha, Moses and Mohammed, amongst others, has been penetrated by the cosmic Christ. The cosmic Christ is also known as christic energy at the basis of each being and the whole of being. Individuals need to be initiated gradually into awareness of this christic characteristic they are all said to have. Christ – in New Age terms – represents the highest state of perfection of the self


Here is the index with links to specific sections, for an important document identifying the shades and elements of the new “universalism” form of Gnosticism that has corrupted so many otherwise good priests within the church, as they are lured and deceived by illusion that we can build, like a tower of babel, heaven on earth with evil men making the plans, and part of that plan for earthly utopian, involves injecting a bioweapon into the entire world’s population, many times, until whatever it is they want besides money, they get.



A Christian reflection
on the “New Age”




1. What sort of reflection

1.1. Why now?
1.2. Communications
1.3. Cultural background
1.4. The New Age and Catholic faith
1.5. A positive challenge

2. New Age spirituality: an overview 

2.1. What is new about New Age?

2.2. What does the New Age claim to offer?
2.2.1. Enchantment: There Must be an Angel
2.2.2. Harmony and Understanding: Good Vibrations
2.2.3. Health: Golden Living
2.2.4. Wholeness: A Magical Mystery Tour

2.3. The fundamental principles of New Age thinking
2.3.1. A global response in a time of crisis
2.3.2. The essential matrix of New Age thinking
2.3.3. Central themes of the New Age
2.3.4. What does New Age say about… …the human person? …God? …the world?

2.4. Â“Inhabitants of myth rather than history”: New Age and culture

2.5. Why has New Age grown so rapidly and spread so effectively?

3. New Age and Christian faith

3.1. New Age as spirituality
3.2. Spiritual narcissism?
3.3. The Cosmic Christ
3.4. Christian mysticism and New Age mysticism
3.5. The God within and theosis

4. New Age and Christian faith in contrast 

5. Jesus Christ offers us the water of life 

6. Points to note 

6.1. Guidance and sound formation are needed
6.2. Practical steps

7. Appendix 

7.1. Some brief formulations of New Age ideas
7.2. A select glossary 
7.3. Key New Age places

8. Resources 

8.1. Documents of the Catholic Church’s Magisterium
8.2. Christian studies

9. General bibliography 

9.1. Some New Age books
9.2. Historical, descriptive and analytical works