I just emailed the following letter to Louise Martin at the CBC. I wrote it after seeing her Twitter comment about the Freedom Rally in Charlottetown yesterday.

January 23, 2022
Dear Louise:
I was very surprised, and a little saddened to be honest, to come across your Twitter comment early this morning denigrating what was a truly a wonderful event that took place in Charlottetown yesterday, which I attended.
I hope you can agree that it’s not possible for you to say whether the event was “the” story yesterday or not [unless by “the story” you meant to say the story you’d find on CBC], because you were not there.
You didn’t attend the event. Nor was any CBC reporter there, to my knowledge. I highly doubt that you or any other CBC reporter interviewed any of the people who did attend either, although I don’t know that for sure.
So, in fairness to those who attended, your comment on Twitter was based on hearsay, second-hand information and your own biases.
Why focus on the numbers that attended? Numbers aren’t the thing that determine whether there is a “story” to cover, obviously.  I’ve seen some pretty impressive coverage of transgender events by CBC where there might have been a half-dozen people!
I think everyone watching the videos circulating would agree that there were quite a few people there, a remarkable number even, given all the anti-vax sentiment being pushed by the CBC and Guardian daily for months and months.
In addition to the people on the street attending, it was also incredibly exciting to witness and experience the amazing amount of positive energy and support from Islanders driving by, waving and smiling, constant horn honking…but again, something your imagination may have failed to factor into the speculation equation in that critical, creative moment before you typed and tweeted your denigrating comment, trivializing something that was indeed an amazing event (and STORY) as I’m sure you’ll eventually come to see, all in good time.
The REAL story of significance embedded in the 2 hours people gathered yesterday at the freedom rally (joined in spirit with massive crowds of like-minded, freedom-loving people from all around the world) was the Joy, the Peace, the Smiles, the Hugs, the FREEDOM!
Sorry you missed it, Louise. But not surprised.
When a person pumps fear into other people with a worried brow and downturned mouth corners every day for 2 years…well. that person risks becoming something of a reservoir for all that daily negativity and anxiety, and can easily lose all perspective, which you apparently have lost!
One death – that’s the big  “story” for you yesterday – of a person OVER 80 (we don’t know if the person was 81 or 101). THAT’S THE STORY of the day on PEI?
How could that become a catastrophe in your mind if you weren’t possessed by fear? Oh, yeah, I answered that in the previous paragraph.
Your anxiety and confusion is evident in every demeaning, fearful comment you make. Take heart! There’s a remedy. And it only requires a slight turning of that apparently solidly-seized knob on your head meant to open your mind.
People attending the event yesterday were “visiting” with one another more than “protesting,” or so it seemed to me.  I know I was! 
Meeting, being introduced to new people by people you already know, sharing stories with other people about life under COVID rules, laughing, hugging, enjoying seeing children walking and talking and playing with other children, (I even witnessed a few tears), enjoying the weather, etc…it was an event that has been All TOO RARE in PEI over the past 2 years.
People attending had also apparently read one or more of the 160+ scientific studies over the past 45 years all agreeing that wearing facemasks has no statistically-significant benefit and causes many harmful things to happen, both physically and mentally, damaging both the wellness of mind and body.  I would add “spirit” to that as well, given that the mask has been used mainly to identify, then target, people unwilling to comply with the unscientific mandate to wear a face mask that even Dr. Morrison initially said had no medical purpose.
Also with the lie that “asymptomatic people” (children in schools were the target at that time) could spread the virus.  Totally false. Those attending the event also knew that’s a lie, and weren’t sick and symptomatic, so there was no fear of touching, hugging, shaking hands, being close when talking, etc., knowing that we were all much healthier NOT WEARING masks. 
The quality of human interaction and communication is so much improved when you can easily identify people, approach them without any reservation or fear of what their response will be to that advance, and see and enjoy facial expressions, especially smiles, (of which there were a great deal yesterday). 
There was also, I believe, a lot of excitement with the discovery that the so-called people raising questions amounts to more, in fact far more, then a few tin-foil hat wearing crazies living out in the boonies.  Wow, did yesterday prove the notion that there is only a tiny minority of Islanders fed up with this government’s handling of this alleged crisis that seems all man-made wrong! 
There are far more Islanders opening themselves up to the truth now, and they’re demanding a heck of a lot more accountability and transparency than we’re getting, from either the government, the opposition MLAs, or the media.
There was a strong invigorating energy present and felt yesterday, that was clean and positive, unencumbered by any mental machinations, suspicions and fears – heart to heart communications –  a celebratory spirit, and refreshing reminder that simply being who we are, naturally, human-to-human, authentically, is so….so, how should I put it, uh….well, INVIGORATING! 
There was as well a very strong sense that we can (perhaps) reclaim at least some of what was stolen from us, with help from the false information CBC and other media have been dutifully pouring into Islanders on behalf of tyrants for about 700 days.
I have the evidence proving the claims I make, and I’ve sent evidence of conspiracy and fraud to you previously, some months back, but perhaps you didn’t bother looking at it at the time, assuming it was just tin-foil hat stuff.
I’m offering updated and even more convincing (and shocking) data now, if you are open to receiving it.
Whatever your state of awareness about the truth, and regardless of how you see your significant role in that regard, as one of the key conduits of false coverage perpetuating fraud and corruption; well, that’s between you and God, but it’s time to let another voice be heard, the voice of evidence, not scurrilous attacks on the character of fellow Islanders, absent of any grounds for such denigrating claims.
My interest is that the censorship stop. The time has come to allow the evidence that CBC and other media have, to date, refused to report, to come into the light of day.
It’s time that the truth was provided to Islanders so they can consider that information for themselves (like the adults they are), weighing all the facts to come to a much fuller understanding of what they need to know so they can make more informed and responsible choices.
Give me 10 minutes on Compass Louise, and you can even pre-verify that the information I will present is true – no surprises.  The evidence will destroy the false narrative at every step, stage and level… and I would begin by citing statistics from studies published within the last few weeks that prove there is NO science behind the segregation of Islanders on the basis of whether they have been needled and boostered-up with the mRNA technology.
If a tree falls in the forest and no one’s there, does it…..? Hmmm.
I can’t answer that riddle for you Louise, because I was there, and yes, there was a sound…a beautiful sound!
You were not there. You heard nothing. 
Because you weren’t there and heard nothing, the expected and reasonable course of action for a journalist of any merit would be to “REPORT” the news recounted about the event from someone who was there.  Remember? The old-style way reporters used to report the news?  Interview someone who was there, then quote that person saying, “So and so said that they attended the event because…..”  or whatever.  Remember?
Ahh!! The good ole days, eh?
But no, you chose to tweet your uninformed opinion to the world in place of reporting any first-hand account of what attendees saw and experienced, or their opinions on any Covid-related issues.   
As you read on, you should know that this has already been published on my website, and is now being shared on social media  across the Island, likely widely
I say that because I’ve noticed a big uptick in interest among Islanders in “finding out the truth” about what’s really going on behind the increasingly ridiculous and poison decisions being made, causing so much unnecessary human pain and suffering, lost jobs, failed businesses, depressed family members, and broken relationships.
So, for the benefit of those readers, let me say here that in addition to publishing this for the public’s benefit, I also want readers to know that I sent it to you personally, as a PDF letter, via email, with a request for an acknowledgement of receipt, and that I’ll let them know in a few days whether you provided acknowledgement and answers to my request below.
I’m asking that you be open to considering another point-of-view on this COVID story, from me – let me explain why those people came together yesterday rather than do something else fun on such a beautiful winter day… someone with expert credentials in ethics and a successful career directing both national and provincial organizations, working for social transformation and the increase of social justice in Canadian society for over 40 years, with a long career as a professional researcher investigating government scandals as well, many of which resulted in successful outcomes and payouts to those harmed by actions [$15 million to Island Potato Farmers in the early 1990s Louise, long before you arrived on PEI].
My expertise is finding information covered-up and denied by government, analyzing and assessing that information, and presenting the truth of what my investigation finds…you and CBC have blocked my efforts to inform Islanders of what my investigation has uncovered for 2 years, and that needs to stop. 
The key question is whether you are open-minded enough to be willing to get “both sides of the story” [Isn’t that supposed to be the first commandment for journalists?].
Would you check with those who make the big decisions [Jim Ferguson?] and ask if I could be provided 10 minutes to present information to Islanders that could have positive outcomes for their lives?
If those in charge at the CBC  [Jim Ferguson?] who make such “content decisions” won’t allow me that space, can you let me know if you are still personally interested in receiving that information?    
If you take me up on this offer and tell me that you want the evidence, then begin to read those studies after I send them, be sure to read them with the PEI context in mind, there is a nice confirmatory correlation in the two datasets.
The vast majority of positives in PEI are with people who have received all the needles. Fact. The medical and scientific experts, even the company executives with Moderna and Pfizer, are now publicly saying they don’t work, or that they even have any statistically-significant mitigating impact on the severity of symptoms, at least with the dominant Omicron variant. 
Omicron is – according to the conclusions from those studies – just as MILD for people without the needles as those who received the jabs. The claim that the government is pushing that “…it’s a good thing so many Islanders are vaxxed so they will only have mild symptoms…”  is just more deception designed to justify the illegal vax pass passport now segregating Islanders.
Also, Dr. Morrison is rolling stats on PCR positives from over a year ago into her numbers, creating a false sense of how many people contracting the virus are vaccinated.  Why is  CBC not reporting that?  This attempt to obscure the truth about how it is adult Islanders who are all needled up who are testing positive for the virus is unacceptable. 
These experimental gene-editing injections are therapies (not vaccines) still at the clinical trial stage. They have only received INTERIM USE AUTHORIZATION. This makes the so-called “vaccine rollout” a medical experiment (for which the companies have received a legal waiver ensuring no liability falls to them for adverse events, even deaths). Why is CBC not reporting that?
To coerce or force anyone to participate in such experiments is, according to several international Conventions and Legal Instruments to which Canada is a signatory, including the Nuremberg Code, is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.
These are facts, Louise…do you not recognize them as such? If you do, why is this information not being reported to Islanders?
Any positives in the unjabbed are likely only in kids who are at ZERO risk, also evident from the statistics, with less than a TOTAL of 27 deaths under the age of 20 in 2 years in the entire country:
With the policy of declaring deaths as fatalities from the virus with a positive test, despite there being other perhaps more primary or comorbid conditions present that actually caused the death, it is likely that even these almost non-existent number of deaths of people under 20 years old from COVID-19 (i.e., 27 in 2 years; which is 13.5 per year, which is 0.000036% of the population) were not caused by the virus.
To put those numbers and percentage into  perspective: suicide, Canada’s 9th leading cause of death, although thankfully still not a huge number in our total population, is 0.010%, and sadly, there has likely been a lot more than a  “13.5 person per year” increase in the number of suicides in the under 20 age group for the past 2 years as a result of the stress and unnecessary pain, suffering and despair from lockdowns and mandates.
Hundreds of people testing positive every day in PEI are recovering at home without treatment, just like with the cold, all better in a few days.
With a 2 year daily, relentless media focus on COVID – with untold resources being poured into responding to a ‘health emergency’ that has never existed in PEI – the result as been FAR fewer deaths and hospitalizations than the seasonal influenza.
In 2018-19, there were 9 deaths and 123 hospitalizations from 280 “lab-confirmed” cases. There have been 5,000 “lab-confirmed” cases of Covid-19, and 5 deaths in 2 years: 
I’m definitely open to being proved wrong with the truth Louise….are you?
Is CBC?  
Or is that last installment from Trudeau going to be a problem? 
Please let me know if you’re able to secure the 10 minute spot for me on Compass. If not, please let me know whether you are interested in receiving the information I alluded to above.
Kevin J Arsenault, Ph.D