This entire article is really a “preamble” to my next article, so keep that in mind.

As I’ve previously written many times, when a world-view is based on deception and everything in one’s daily routine, circle of friends and acquaintances, places frequented, etc. are aligned with that world-view, any attempt to “enlighten” that person to see the deception will be resisted, because it will force a change of EVERYTHING in one’s daily routine, circle of friends, etc.
One would think “openness to hear the opinions of Islanders” would be a mainstay quality of reporters who frequently tweet that they are hungry for news stories, information, and the views of fellow Islanders, and invite fellow Islanders to post them. 
Apparently not. 
If Teresa Wright’s and Louise Martin’s skin was any thinner they wouldn’t have any!
Apparently the line is drawn with Teresa and Louise at hearing anything other than what they’ve hooked their entire wagons to by way of the false COVID-19 narrative. It seems impossible to elicit anything but anger from such people now, at times, that anger manifests as more vicious and false allegations against fellow Islanders…that’s what happened to me this past week with one tweet in reply to a tweet from Teresa, and one tweet on Louise Martin’s twitter feed.   
Teresa made a number of slanderous claims against me in her response, all very general in nature, with no specifics nor evidence for any of them, as you’ll see below.
Louise Martin filed a complaint against me for that one tweet on her feed, resulting in my Twitter account being locked.  They apparently accepted that my “tweet” on her twitter feed was threatening, violent and harassing – you can assess what I wrote on her feed and judge their ruling for yourself, it’s included below. I also included my “appeal” comments to Twitter…I haven’t heard back from them yet.

1.  Teresa Wright

THIS IS WHAT TERESA WROTE ABOUT HERSELF ON LINKEDIN: “Teresa is an experienced content & social media writer, creator, editor and strategist with a demonstrated history of success working in the print, broadcast and online media industry. She is skilled in creating editorial content, storytelling, content solutions and adept at using emerging technologies and platforms to tell stories and share content. Teresa is a strong media and communications professional with 15 years of experience working for national, regional and local media organizations – exciting work that has taken her across the globe. This work has honed her storytelling and editorial skills, which include: writing and reporting, breaking news, SEO, social media storytelling, video/audio production, public speaking and broadcast presentation, editing and investigative journalism.”

The other day I noticed that Teresa Wright had posted a tweet sharing with the public that she was sick with COVID-19, despite having received 2 jabs and a booster.
I honestly thought that such a turn of events with her might be enough for her to be open to considering the truth about the experimental mRNA injections, especially given the powerful new information and studies that has come out (but has been heavily censored) over the past couple of weeks. 
I figured that Teresa would know that I too [see her autobiographical comment under the LinkedIn graphic] am a  SERIOUS researcher (Teresa and I once sat for an hour-long meeting to explore the possibility of working together on a joint-egaming investigative series; however, Wayne Thibodeau was the Managing Editor of the Guardian at the time, and never gave that initiative the go-ahead).
At any rate, what she knows or doesn’t know about me is irrelevant – I was deadly serious with my comment, so in this article I want to highlight how the claims I made will be proven to be accurate and were given to Teresa with the best of intentions. 
Unfortunately, it appears that Tweetsa is not yet ready to confront the big lie [OMG!…did I just type “tweetsa” instead of Teresa?… hmm…Freudian slap perhaps? (OMG!….did I just type “slap” instead of “slip”?…hmm…Freudian…..uh….) o.k., if you insist, I’ll stop].
My tweet reply was as follows:
Then I got this response back from her:
Note two things:
(1) The false claims made by Teresa against me, for which no evidence is provided, nor even specifics, and;
(2) The true claims that I make for which I will provide evidence in my next article, which I will publish later today or have ready first-thing in the morning assuming no unforeseen and imminent catastrophes happen. 
Tweetsa’s (DAMN IT!!) false claims against me are:
  1. That what I said in my tweet “was false” [no evidence provided]
  2. That I was attempting to “highjack” (sic) her Twitter feed [first and only tweet ever on her feed]
  3. That My tweets are “…not welcome” (whoops! I’ll accept that as true)
  4. That I spread lies about her work [no specifics, no evidence provided]
  5. That I spread lies about “…so many others.” [no names of ‘others’ provided; no specifics whatsoever; no evidence provided whatsoever].

The two claims that I made, for which I will provide both specifics and evidence in the next article:

  1. That it is “…no joke for SOME people with vaccinations because the vaccinations damage the natural immune system and make the disease more severe,…” and;
  2. That “…the vaccines don’t work”.

That the vaccines don’t work should be self-evident to Ms. Wright (I just can’t risk using her first name any more with all this slippery Freud stuff going on), since she got 2 jabs and a top-up, and was apparently sick enough to feel compelled to tell the world that it was “no joke,” so sounded semi-severe at least. 

If Ms. Wright is unwilling to trust her own experience, I will provide the evidence substantiating my statements and claims in my next article on why the needle campaign needs to stop immediately.

2.   Louise Martin

I can’t tell you what Ms. Martin posted that prompted me to write the following response because I can’t remember and Twitter locked my account so I can’t go check, but it was more of the same stuff she pumps out continuously that is based on false assumptions, so I wrote:

The claim that Louise is blind to the truth was evident from her comment, a “blindness” provable by the evidence in those recent scientific journals which I referenced in my tweet, and which I will cite in the next article. 

The only claim I made, which will be proven in my next article was that: 

  1. “It is overwhelmingly the vaccinated who are getting infected and likely to die from ADE (Antibody-dependent Enhancement)”:

So, I did what they suggested and “proceeded to Twitter”…this is what I wrote:

“My account has been locked, unbelievably, for “harassment,” when all I wrote was to our local news hour host, Louise Martin, is that she should check recent peer-reviewed articles, which I would have been happy to provide to her. I am a Doctor of ETHICs, having taught for many years at the University of PEI, both ethics and religious studies…I currently live as a religious hermit, and the ENTIRE Island knows me as an advocate for social justice and a peaceful, prayerful man. The idea that you locked my account because Ms. Martin told you to, making completely groundless and false accusations, will receive massive headshakes from hundreds of Islanders I’ll be informing about  this through my website, I’m sure.
So sad  to see this censorship and paternalistic relationship you and Facebook (and so many others with power) have chosen to exert over people…you’ll just drive us all away before too long.
Do what you want with this decision to “LOCK ME UP”…ha ha…but Boy did you miss the mark on this one, and everyone where I live knows it…sad that you don’t as well!

Twitter acknowledged my submission, then gave me a choice to make everything good again by just deleting my comment, but let’s just leave it there for now:


At first I was thinking that the feature graphic for this post would really get under Ms. Wright’s and Ms. Martin’s skin…then I realized neither would risk putting it there, given the ridiculously thin status of their respective outer-layers….i.e., as I’ve already noted, but should mention again, if their skin was any thinner, they wouldn’t have any!