Most multi-million dollar lawsuits takes years to wind through the courts, and usually come down being decided on a few key documents and/or a whistleblower.

It appears that the PEI egaming lawsuit will be no different.

After 10 years, and millions in legal costs and fees to both Maines and the PEI Government, it’s all now coming down to a few emails just been filed in the PEI Supreme Court – with the same key players from the Ghiz/Sheridan egaming days back in 2012, with the recent addition of Premier King.

Those “few key documents” that could break everything wide open are now on the table. The question that remains to be answered is: “Who is lying about them?”

Dennis King?

Or Jeffrey Warren Reynolds?






Logically, only one of the two people in the feature graphic – Dennis King OR Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR) – can be telling the truth.  JR says in his communications with Maines that King used non-government emails while exploring an online gaming scheme with non-government players secretly.

Premier King has denied having done so, EMPHATICALLY!

In episode one, I included a short CBC Compass interview where Premier King denies that he ever used the non-government email. In fact, he claimed he didn’t even have access to that particular email account (dennis@peipc.ca).

If that isn’t true, then his statement made on CBC would be a lie, and no doubt an embarrassment to him if it was to be revealed to Islanders, but it wouldn’t be a crime.

Lying in a sworn Affidavit – in response to a Statement of Claim – in a civil litigation legal case is, however, an entirely different matter!

On the very day Premier King was served Notice, back in September, 2021, it appears he “jumped the gun” when he rushed to the Court to file his“I didn’t do it” response. 

The normal legal procedure is for someone being served with notice of a legal action is to file a defence through counsel:  affidavits come later, after the Statement of Defence is filed, not before! 

Here’s what King swore was the truth:

Section 131(1) of the Criminal Code of Canada states:

“131 (1) Subject to subsection (3), every one commits perjury who, with intent to mislead, makes before a person who is authorized by law to permit it to be made before him a false statement under oath or solemn affirmation, by affidavit, solemn declaration or deposition or orally, knowing that the statement is false.”

The maximum penalty for perjury is 14 years.


If Premier King is not lying – i.e., committing perjury – then JR concocted an elaborate scheme stretching over nearly 2 years, involving communications with many people on the same essential “subject and interest,” which he expressed many times as exposing corruption within the King government.

In particular, his main concern was in addressing matters relating to a lack of transparency and “accountability” within Government, and to refine that even further, THE USE OF NON-GOVERNMENT EMAILS FOR GOVERNMENT BUSINESS.

The public was never informed who the “whistle-blower”  was who informed CBC (Kerry Campbell) that Brad Trivers was using his private email to do business. Here’s all the public were told by Kerry:

“This comes after an Island resident forwarded to CBC News an email they received from one of the private accounts, and expressed concerns the account could be used to prevent emails from being discovered through freedom of information requests.” [CBC, March 5, 2020].

It was JR.

The Motion filed last week seeking enforcement of the Settlement Agreement signed between Maines and JR also “outs” JR as the whistle-blower in the Brad Trivers’ story:If the voluminous documentation that appears to be legitimately from other messenger accounts was all a ruse; if the entire record that Maines has put before the court was fabricated by JR… well, let’s just say that’s a whole heap of trouble for JR!

In addition to “identity theft,” JR’s intention behind such an elaborate fraud would clearly have had to have been extremely malicious, given that all that fraudulently-concocted documentation sent to Maines was all associated with a campaign to “out” corruption in the King government as a whistle-blower. 

More precisely, to expose the Premier as engaging in unethical and, potentially, criminal behaviour from the use of non-government emails doing shady business from his Priviledged position of power as Premier. If none of that is true…well, heap of trouble for JR.

The maximum sentence for identify theft is 5 years. 

I’m sure a good lawyer could put together a long list of other charges if King is telling the truth.


Check out these exhibits that Maines included in his Affidavit. He claims he received them from JR on August 15th, and they concern the key emails from Alan Campbell about the secret meeting allegedly held at SIMs restaurant to discuss the “Gamesys” proposal:

Notice JR’s reference to “Snowdy”

Snowdy is the Private Investigator working with Maines; legal Counsel. Snowdy did, in fact,  swear an Affidavit that was filed with the original Statement of Claim in this legal action.

Just to make sure that Paul believed him when he said she” [his wife Kari] …”was doing it as we speak,” [i.e., sending screen captures of those key emails to prove to Paul he had them in his possession] JR sent a “real-time” picture of her “doing it,”  while they were speaking:

That, by the way [in case you can’t make out the fuzzy text in the capture of the document in the second last one] is the infamous Alan Campbell email that King swore he has no knowledge of, nor ever received.

If, in fact, the Premier is telling the truth, then the only logical explanation for the substantial evidence in Paul Maines’ Affidavit and Exhibits saying that he is not telling the truth is:

JR did indeed engage in an elaborate fraud – a fraud not only involving “identity theft”, but the identity theft of a sitting provincial premier for (what appears to be) the purpose of ruining him!

Here  is an “Exhibit” in Maines’ Affidavit of a screen capture of a Facebook Message from Premier King that was  sent to him from JR, after JR (allegedly) received it from Premier King, apparently around the time he and Premier and the rest of the secret Gamesys gang were deciding what particular “non-government” email belonging to the Premier JR should use with the Gamesys file:

If this was forged…..uh….good job JR!


Maines was  – or so it seems to me – acting reasonably when he assumed that the documents and information he received (unsolicited) from JR over a period of a year and a half was legitimate. Why wouldn’t he?

It was consistent with JR’s quite-believable (and oft-stated) interest in holding government to account; especially believable in light of his previous working assisting in the drafting of the Saskatchewan Accountability Act.

Maines was told by JR that he [JR] had nearly 900 materially-relevant emails to the Gamesys scheme he acquired in the 3-weeks he was part of the secret Gamesys group:

Now he says he doesn’t have any?

What happened??

Maines is bent on getting all of those documents, and is seeking help from the PEI Supreme Court with this Motion to enforce the terms of the Settlement Agreement that was signed with JR…he want’s a Judge to force the production of those documents.

To now say there are no documents? What happened causing JR to flip upside down? Does he not realize the implications of the conundrum he has put himself in? 

Let’s wait to see who is lying.

I know I can’t wait to read the answers from JR in the  from the cross-examinations transcripts to questions from Maines’ decorated legal counsel, John Philips. I can’t wait because I honestly can’t imagine what they will be!!!