I’ve written dozens of articles relating to PEI government accountability, and JR has been following my work for at least a couple of years. I know that, because he sometimes messages me, and on a few occasions, he has commented on my FB Newsfeed and shared my posts, and would always message me to inform me that he commented or shared my post.

I’ve noticed a consistent theme in those messages from JR revealing a particular interest is “government accountability” – especially as it pertains to the lack of transparency with communications with other parties regarding government business, and how those communications are recorded in documents.  

Despite the previous article presenting the two logical options that either King or JR is telling the truth about the Premier’s use of his dennis@peipc.ca email address in the secret “Gamesys” proposal – but NOT BOTH – I am convinced (notwithstanding the fact the “whistle-blower” has since apparently “de-whistle-blowed” himself)…the communications in Maines’ Affidavit from JR are authentic, and reveal his greatest passion: HOLDING GOVERNMENT ACCOUNTABLE.


The Special Committee on Records –  and the subsequent cover-up of what did (briefly) surface into the light of day –  really irked JR, or so it seemed from his messages to me.

After publishing one particularly revealing article on the Brad Mix affair containing that bombshell revelation from the IT officials, which…

(1) explained how the Special Committee had discovered from the crystal-clear and logically -conclusive testimony of ITSS senior officials that Brad Mix was responsible for intentionally deleted (or otherwise removing) 2 years of his government emails from the PEI government Groupwise account; and 

(2) then was provided a custom deluxe classic Bevan-Baker “get-away” car in a tragic “get out of jail free card” [technically, “never have to go to jail card”] pass, and is still at his job as the senior recruiter of businesses to PEI under Hon. Matthew MacKay], seeing that destruction of government records intentionally is a crime (causing “mischief to data”) under the Criminal Code of Canada.  

…I received the following message from JR:

After the final report from that Committee was tabled with the Legislative Assembly, and I had published another scathing review of the final report in an article summing up the outcome [i.e., “total cover-up and massive waste of taxpayer’s dollars”], I again received a message from JR; and again, it  was my article title “disdain for democracy” (i.e., lack of government accountability) that seemed to upset JR the most:

TEXT FROM JR (yellow text): “I don’t usually comment but i did on your post  Letter to editor is bang on.”

The Brendel Farms issue really seemed to “get in JR’s craw,” as they say, (come to think of it, I can’t actually recall anyone saying that in years so rather than change the word I’ll put the definition for the youngins who might be readin… guess I’m getting old.)


The Brendel Farms issue was one of the investigations I was involved with in early 2021, and had published quite a few articles on the topic.  Lots of FB posts on that issue as well.

On January 30, 2021, JR sent me a message, again, after I had published an article on Brendel Farms. His stated resolve to pursue the matter grabbed my attention: 

“I’m frankly tired of this and mark my words the public will be made aware of the FULL details of the BRENDEL gate.”


“It eats at me everday! He promised me they would have a made in PEI accountability act. But when I see the first action is to let a former premier have say and still have say on how government is run is too much to handle. (not talking about wade either) Just expected better but I guess they found his price. FYI jordan brown would have no reason to fabricate this. Just what you mentioned is what we all suspected. Still stings to know its actually true. Im frankly tired of this and mark my words the public will be made aware of the FULL details of the BRENDEL gate.

PS Paul Macneills 180 actually surprised me too. But his kid got given a job and he got ad money to keep his paper a float. I think it stinks but I take what he says with a grain of salt. Business should be conducted with honor and it lacks”

“Paul MacNeil flipped because his kid got a Denny King job after the election,” you say JR?  Hmm. Interesting.


He sent me this message he received from Jordan Brown, saying that Dennis apparently got his “cabinet picks” from GHIZ AND MACLAUGHLAN:

Here’s a download of the graphic (without JR’s message) with text you can read from Jordan Brown:

Sorry, not the stories I’m writing now guys…

I hadn’t thought much about JR’s battle-cry on the Brendel Farms issue much after that, nor had I heard or read anything from or about JR and Brendel farms, until I came across this exchange between Hon. Bloyce Thompson and JR while reading Paul Maines’ Affidavit filed in the JR, Campbell, LeClair King lawsuit:


JR’s passion for “accountability” in government – especially regarding his clear disdain for any government official or employee using non-government emails – is evident in this exchange with Bloyce, and is consistent with the belief that he would be a “whistle-blower” if in fact he was to discover that Premier King was using non-government emails on a much more serious matter, like a major online gaming proposal being planned “off-site” with hand-picked buddies. 

Don’t forget (covered in Episode 2) that JR had previously went to the former Information Commission, Karen Rose, complaining about Brad Trivers for using a non-government email account to do government business with constituents.

This heated exchange with Bloyce “outs”  the Department of Agriculture and Land – of which Bloyce is Minister – for also using NON-GOVERNMENT emails.