Duncan McIntosh, Wade MacLauchlan, Sherry Huang, Frank Zhou

To learn more about the story behind this photograph, read my April 22, 2017 article: “INSIDER CONNECTIONS – PART II: (Wade, Duncan and Frank Zhou)”.


Who is Frank Zhou? 

One thing Zhou has on his resume is that he’s a contributor to the PEI PC Party, having given thousands in donations last year alone.

Besides being a generous supporter of the  now-governing political Party, [he was likely even more generous with Liberal Premiers Wade MacLauchlan and Robert Ghiz] what do you know about Frank Zhou…seriously, who is Frank Zhou?
That’s a question that Jeffrey Warren Reynolds (JR) was asking me, and a lot of other people via FB messenger back in May, 2021, sometimes sending a picture of Zhou he pulled off the internet to send along with his question, as he did with Paul Maines.
JR did this after receiving an invitation from the “5th floor” [aka “Premiers Office”] – [scratch that…according to JR it was more like an “order”] – to go golfing with Frank Zhou, along with several other people. Why? So they could (allegedly) “…further discuss…”  a proposal being referred to as the “Gamesys online PEI gambling-site proposal”.
Paul Maines gave a pretty definitive and succinct answer to the “Who is Frank Zhou?”  question, which should have, one would think, sufficed.  It didn’t:
Neither “LeClair’s Front guy” and “He ran everything on China front,” satisfied JR, so he also contacted Eddie Francis, who has, by the way, also sworn an Affidavit in this latest legal action by Maines seeking an Order from the PEI Supreme Court to either enforce (or set aside) the signed settlement agreement  with the “thought-he-was-a” whistle-blower, Jeffrey Warren Reynolds.
Eddie Francis worked with FMT/CMT/Paul Maines on the Loyalty Card Program back in the summer of 2012. You can read more about that here: [“Government Amnesia and the “Loyalty Card Program”, October 20, 2018; “The PEI Government’s Baffling Claim it didn’t know about it’s own Loyalty Card Program,” January 4, 2019; and “Remembering the Loyalty Card Program” published November 22, 2019]. 
The message to Francis:

It might appear –  to someone who doesn’t know him –  that JR wanted people to know that he was going golfing with Frank Zhou…ah…..“THE” Frank Zhou….[“name dropping” kind of thing].  I personally don’t know JR, so I fall into that category, and that’s sure what it looks like to me!
I’m quite sure that the other members of the Gamesys gang would NOT be pleased with JR’s loose lips…but I’m real pleased.  If JR had just “whistle-blowed” on the main issue, we wouldn’t have found out about Jamie Fox’s Bench Warrant (allegedly) buried by Hon. Bloyce Thompson, PEI’s Attorney General; Jordan Brown’s “behind the scenes” revelations, etc.

A Who’s-Who in the world of Global Leaders with “THE” FRANK ZHOU 

It’s quite enlightening to see all the pictures on Zhou’s business “Sunrise.ca”  website. He too seems to want people to know that he’s been “…in the know”.
Here’s a screen capture with a few accomplishments, but I can assure you – and please check for yourself in the archives on his site at Sunrise.ca – that Zhou has a “snap” of him shaking hands with just about every significant leader in the world:


People likely know two things about Mr. Zhou, if they know anything at all: (1) that he owns Cows’ Creamery, and; (2) that he’s in business with Wade MacLauchlan and Duncan Macintosh (Wade’s Partner) with what is likely a very lucrative “Anne of Green Gables” book business in China:
Robert Ghiz was involved as well, and there were numerous trade missions to China with Frank Zhou and his wife Sherry, who were not only being contracted and paid handsomely to organize and deliver those missions, for PEI, NB and even the Federal Government, but took advantage of the back-and -forth trips to do business, liaise with, and promote, the many businesses and financial interests he and his wife have in both Canada and China.
But Ice cream and books…well that’s really just peanuts to Zhou!
What’s really important [and necessary to know about Frank Zhou] is his central role in the immigration and economic development of PEI for well over a decade through the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP program). 

If you were to find the words  FRANK ZHOU in the Dictionary by chance, it would simply say:


Frank Zhou has been a truly mysterious “celebrity” of sorts in PEI.  He’s at one and the same time periodically held up as a successful entrepreneur and model immigrant; famous, successful, collegial, wealthy, and a key mover and shaker in PEI with respect to all things relating to immigration and economic activity. But it’s all been done in secret, pretty much completely.
Other than one of those kind of feature profiles with lots of glossy pictures extolling his success, fame and fortune as a “poster boy” immigrant to PEI every few years, when his personal success is profiled, or he is given some award – Frank Zhou is an enigma to most.  This from the Toronto Star:

Zhou is the perfect poster boy for the benefits of immigration to the Atlantic provinces. Since moving to Charlottetown, he and his wife have established a business enterprise that includes a language school catering to international students, a software development company, a business consulting firm that hosts trade missions to China, and an equity investment operation. Most recently, he brought the Cows Creamery ice cream business to China. “There are a lot of opportunities on the East Coast. People are extremely nice here,” said Zhou, whose 2-year-old son, Jayden was born in P.E.I. “This is my home. I’m a proud Atlantic Canadian.”

Zhou’s business “dealings” are substantial both in PEI and China, and extend well beyond selling Ice-cream (COWs Ltd.), and Chinese versions of “Anne of Green Gables,” (Anne in China), which likely generates lots of revenue AND immigration business by increasing interest in PEI, luring wealthy Chinese citizens to come here,  thereby generating a healthy stream of revenue for himself, and his business partners – former Premier Wade MacLauchlan and his partner, Duncan Macintosh.
Steven Myers tore into Wade MacLauchlan over his personal China-business involvements with Frank Zhou back when Myers was a fiery PC Opposition MLA. The video is over 10 minutes long, but very enlightening, especially now that Myers is part of the Cabinet of the PC Premier who is himself (allegedly) exploring a secret mega-gambling site deal with possible involvement of Zhou!

Zhou has been both the fuel and the engine for immigration growth in PEI through the PNP program. He has personally overseen the entire caseload of people coming to PEI since the Ghiz days, back when China and Taiwan were BY FAR the largest source of immigrants to PEI in the Investor Class – i.e., they were the ones bringing all the money, paying big fees ($50,000 to “agents”  just to submit a business plan that might take a day to put together…that kind of thing), all under so much scandal and corruption, the stench still lingers hard in the nostrils.
I suspect that many people likely feel they “know”  Frank Zhou; however, it’s likely more a sense of familiarity, the same as when people think they know celebrities: His business dealings are, however, completely invisible, kept far from the public eye. 
Of all the files I’ve worked on over the years – files in which I knew Frank Zhou was involved….nope, no mention of his name in the many thousands of PEI government documents that I’d review – other than perhaps a few docs that reference  him as the shareholder of the Intermediary Company with his wife, and also Gary Scales, a lawyer with McInnis Cooper lawyer.
When Premier MacLauchlan came into power and announced the new PNP –“Intermediaries” – i.e., that select group blessed with a ticket to personal fortune, with all the extremely lucrative fees and commissions that wealthy Chinese business-class immigrants don’t mind paying, in bringing immigrants to PEI through the PNP program:

That was the original list of “seven” Intermediary companies in PEI that was in place for well over a decade.
The last company on the list, “Sunrise Immigration and Investment,” is owned by Frank Zhou and his wife Sherry Huang, who is also the owner of “Study Abroad Canada,” among other companies. Here it’s confirmed that one of the shareholders is Zhou’s immigration company is McInnes Cooper lawyer Gary Scales. who was a key player in the secret “egaming group” put together by former Liberal Finance Minister, Wes Sheridan, under Ghiz, as was Chris LeClair.
On June 28, 2017, under the former Liberal MacLauchlan government, Executive Council authorized Island Investment Development Inc. (IIDI) to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) to expand and designate up to 10 Island agents for a five-year term. In the end, 12 companies were granted “intermediary” status, which was not part of the RFP.
HP Consultants, owned by Henry Philips, was one of the initial seven companies. He was dropped from the list, despite 13 years in the business, in favour of “new” companies that he alleges were patronage decisions – all friends of the Liberals and Premier MacLauchlan. He felt strongly enough to launch a lawsuit. The current intermediaries are as follows:
12 companies
Notice that Frank Zhou was removed as a director in the company sometime between  2011 and 2017, Sherry Huang and Alan Scales now being the only two shareholders.


The substantial amount of background information I’ve just provided is meant to properly situate Frank Zhou in this story, and to establish a proper framework for understanding what’s to follow.  This much-longer than planned article is designed to provide some clarification of the facts, or at least the facts as they currently exist within the record filed in court…the distinction “The fact is that something is being alleged” and “The fact is…” must be kept in mind at all times…I’m mostly dealing with the former.
The aim is to better understand the Motion Record, the filed court material. This exercise is by it’s very design capable of making new connections, garnering fresh insights, and and raising new questions in the quest for answers that will explain those connections.
Now, to “cut-to-the-chase” and get to the real guts of my article!

“Gamesys Proposal” – “PNP”  and – “Frank Zhou”: THE CONNECTION ?

You can make a fortune working the immigration beat in PEI if you’re lucky enough to be among the “chosen” ones… for doing essentially nothing.
I know this personally from a very long and very close working relationship with some of the Intermediaries for many years during the hey-day of the PNP program [i.e., the business investor class which the federal government eventually shut down]. Intermediaries including Frank Zhou. 
Frank Zhou and I were also on the Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce Immigration Steering Committee together for a few years, back when I was the Executive Director the PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada (2000 – 2010). 
I directed over 20 staff in numerous programs to deliver a broad range of services to immigrants, including assessing the placement of each student in Zhou and Huang’s Study Abroad’s Language program.  
JR has alleged that Frank Zhou was a member of the Gamesys Proposal group in his communications with Paul Maines  – that’s big in my mind, and can’t be ignored. That’s why JR was invited to golf with Frank Zhou in mid-May, 2021 I believe, shortly after being brought into the inner circle of that particular secret group. 
But why would someone as successful and wealthy as Frank Zhou bother to get involved with a mickey-mouse gaming play being made by a few locals in Anne’s Land?  That’s why we need this background information to understand things.
This “local play” is NOT A MICKEY MOUSE ONE AT ALL!! 
We’re talking HUGE sums of money with this new “single-bet” online sports betting…something people like Chris LeClair and Allan Campbell et. al. have been salivating to have happen for a decade – it be made LEGAL – which it was in August, 2021, two months after the golf-game discussions on the Gamesys proposal involving Frank Zhou.
I don’t know much about gambling.  God has blessed me with poverty,  so when I gamble, it’s usually with matchsticks and kids in a card game….we certainly have no SPORTS BOOK operating (didn’t even know what a Sports Book was and had to do research):

It apparently takes a whack-load of money to bankroll a new online gambling site – a sports-book.
The deck might be stacked in favour of the house with the gambling algorithms, but just like all gambling businesses, a substantial reserve of money must be available at all times to pay out bets, obviously at start-up, and with this venture, we’re talking a lot of  people, i.e., access is to the world’s population of online gamblers.
All those millions of “off-shore” gamblers who Premier King and Darlene Compton repeatedly stated in the Legislative Assembly they believed would come to PEI “regulated” platform….what if they come, bet and win? You get he picture.
I inquired with a person involved in the establishment of such ventures – large corporates with international clientele – and was told what would likely be needed was assets in the $100 million range, to be able to provide the security to launch such a platform. That seems reasonable, considering the unknowns, coupled with the POTENTIAL risk from such large numbers of people.
Enter Frank Zhou – [possibly].

 Remember, this is a story in the making, it is not yet completely ready for the ‘telling’ or in anyways finished with an ending. Let’s keep that in mind at all times with this series…I’m making no claims beyond the evidence. I’m only trying to make some logical connections between different pieces of that evidence to gain some insights, and especially, to raise some pertinent questions that should be answered, and hopefully will be answered at cross-examination, or in the PEI Supreme Court

So if you’re asking yourself who in PEI might possibly have $100, 000,000 in assets kicking around [give-or-take a few mil] to back such a venture that’s being put together for the benefit of a select group of  private people, then you know where I’m going with this…
Enter Frank Zhou!

If you click on the “Sunrise Capital” tab, you get this:

Ok, a 1 Billion management fund in your back pocket….check (?).
That takes care of that!   Zhou could easily bankroll a Sports Book!

But What Connects Zhou to the Gamesys Proposal at the Heart of the Lawsuit Against King et. al.?

In an Affidavit filed by Private Investigator Derrick Snowdy filed in Maines’ initial Motion Record  seeking a Preservation Order for email documents, Derrick Snowdy swore the following statement, regarding the Gamesys proposal and the golf game, a golf game that (allegedly) included Frank Zhou as one of the foursome:

JR claimed the golf game took place after the infamous (alleged) cottage meeting in Rustico.
Snowdy also swears that he obtained an email that had been sent by Dennis King to JR on May 22, 2021 advising him that he [King] would be unable to attend the golf game with, as he put it, “…other members of the May 20, 2021 email chain.”  Other members?  Who else was on that email chain?  Let’s check:
So, we know that chris@ is Chris LeClair; rezwarrior@ is JR; dennis@ is Dennis King; and info@sunrise.ca….well, that would, [presumably] Frank Zhou
King couldn’t make the golf game, so it appears the foursome was: Chris LeClair; Allan Campbell; JR; and Frank Zhou (info@sunrise.ca).
Now let’s go see what Maines’ Affidavit has to say about JR and Zhou golfing.  The JR golf game with Frank Zhou et. al., was dealt with in Maines’ affidavit from paragraphs 93-95:

Well dang it!  I got it completely wrong. According to Maines’ Affidavit, JR told him that the foursome was…JR; Frank Zhou;  Shara Clow;  Pat Dorsey…..wait a minute
You mean the Pat Dorsey that’s Vice-President of ACOA PEI & Tourism? The Pat Dorsey who was a senior adviser to former P.E.I. Progressive Conservative premier Pat Binns prior to his hiring at ACOA in 2007, when Premier King was working with him and Binns as their Communications Officer?  You mean the Pat Dorsey that goes on a vacation with King et. al. every year?
Murray Murphy (a Stewart McKelvey lawyer); Shawn McIsaac (MRSB Consulting Partner, and PEI member of the Board of the Atlantic Lottery Corporation); Pat Dorsey (V-P ACOA, Atlantic), and Dennis King have – as is common knowledge around Red shores Racetrack in Charlottetown – vacationed together every year (at least up until COVID) for many years, to watch the Little Brown Jug Horse Race at the Delaware County Fair:

Dorsey went golfing with Frank Zhou and JR?
This is an interesting development, and raises a question whether ACOA is somehow involved with an off-site scheme to set up a private PEI gaming company – which is a totally unnecessary “middle man” in the process (we could just rely on ALC) that allows a bunch of insiders connected to power (Premier King and the PEI Government) to benefit at the expense of Islanders.
What is Dorsey’s role in all of this?  Was he too possibly involved in this (alleged) secret “OFF-THE-RECORD” online Gamesys gambling proposal? See what I said earlier about generating more questions?


I know Frank Zhou also from my investigation into the Buddhists in PEI called: “Monkileaks”. [See: “Three Rivers: The Sun, the Moon, and the TRUTH“, September 2, 2020 for the first episode].
I received an extensive cache of documents directly from the person who was working daily with both the monks and nuns in PEI, handling all the local real-estate deals, and liaising with  local companies and residents in the area on behalf of the monks and nuns.
The whistle-blower told me that whenever Frank Zhou came to the monastery, it was like God descended – tears and ring-kissing type of experience apparently: the Buddhists are on PEI because of Frank Zhou (read: the power and money behind Frank Zhou).
The connections with the Chinese Party and Canada are hard to overlook with the Buddhists, given that the leader of that International Corporation. Bliss and Wisdom Inc., [registered in Taiwan, but now with it’s head office in Eastern PEI], when the leader, Master Zhen Ru, is closely tied to the Chinese government, as well as key Chinese Buddhist Monasteries within China that are officially “sanctioned”  as “good-to-go” by Xi Jinping the President…a regime that is VERY unfriendly to “Tibetan Buddhism and the Dahlia Lama,” which Bliss and Wisdom claim to follow, so that alone is VERY suspicious to me.
Also, Zhen Ru’s sister was a key media person with the official state television network, and Zhen Ru’s mom was (according to Maines’ response to Jeffrey), a General in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) army.
Frank Zhou has done for the Chinese “Belt and Road Initiative” in PEI pretty much what God has done for creation – made it happen – and our corrupt local politicians have aided, abetted, facilitated and expedited the process with no apparent concern for the consequences on PEI or its citizens, all to engorge themselves.
The “Belt and Road Initiative” aims to essentially establish world dominance and control over other countries by acquisition of assets, infrastructure and natural resources…essentially “capturing” and weakening countries “from the inside”, using money and power.  This has not gone unnoticed by freedom movements around the world!
Here’s just one paragraph from the very first article in that series of mine on Monkileaks that mentioned Frank Zhou’s core role, although I did not elaborate in that article:

“For an immigration strategy to be based on bringing thousands of people who have absolutely no interest in contributing to the Island way of life, culture or economy [Over and above the contribution they obviously make by virtue of being a pretty big ‘bubble’ within our society and economy] is actually quite shocking.

Who stormed into Cabinet (under Ghiz, when he and MacLauchlan, and Frank Zhou  started the PNP China Syndrome in the mid-2000’s) with a ‘Eureka’ idea to bring thousands of immigrants to PEI with: (1) no interest or intention of working directly in the Island economy as employees, (2) no intention of ever starting businesses or hiring Islanders; (3) they wouldn’t pay property taxes or payroll taxes to contribute to the free health services, roads, fire services, or other public services they benefit from, and (4) they’d bring in hundreds of people from Taiwan through the federal temporary foreign worker program (parishioners) to then volunteer to build their new buildings, operating large equipment and/or doing work that could otherwise be done by local Island workers? Who?” [See: “WHO ARE GEBIS AND GWBI and CGI and Guan Yin and…?” September 9, 2020].

Frank Zhou is aware that Trudeau admires China, so he doesn’t mind celebrating his homeland, despite the ruthless dictatorship it is, oppressing and repressing, enslaving and torturing millions of people.
Zhou proudly displays a loyalty and spirit of celebration for China on his Sunrise Website that would bring a tear to any patriot:

Things are starting to tee up nicely with the story – it will take some time, we’re booked for the full 18 holes.  At least we’re starting to get a better sense of the  “players,” or actors who are involved.
The more we poke and prod and ask questions, the more what starts to come into focus is the magnitude of what it is we are looking at here in our quaint little land of nepotism on steroids.   This alone is very concerning – a meeting on a golf course on a massive proposal being kept secret between:

  1. …the Vice-President of ACOA [Pat Dorsey]; (
  2. … the agent [Chris LeClair] for the Online Gaming Gamesys Site [Keith Laslop]; and,
  3. …an egaming 2.0 project manager of some sort;
  4. …all hitting balls with JR – a person (it appears) none of them knew very well….OR AT ALL.


JR was brought into the inner circle by Premier King for just a few short weeks, just long enough to get briefed on his new job and get an orientation package of nearly 900 emails (according to what JR told Maines) which would be materially-relevant to Maines’ legal action.
He stayed…he played…for a full three weeks, soaking up all kinds of  secrets he then couldn’t keep secret, then he said, “see ya…got a better offer”.
He then abruptly LEAVES THAT INNER CIRCLE – and they apparently have NOTHING on him (or didn’t initially…hard to say now, with JR’s bizarre flip-flop)… there was no signed contract or non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in place that would make him think twice about telling anyone about all those secret communications.
Here I go speculating again, but I’d bet my bottom dollar that more than a few of the crew are now YELLING to one another: