“Hello. We’re Babylon, a digital health company on a mission.

We want to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on Earth.”

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of those enticing lies foisted on humankind over the past few years presented positively as a promising and necessary tool to create a truly humane and just future for everyone.
It has been sold to us as a most marvelous and unprecedented opportunity to finally, and expeditiously, solve huge problems affecting us all, ushering in a categorically-improved era of existence for humankind, a kind of “utopian leap” into a new age of peace, abundance, justice, and much more leisure-time for everyone.
This vision fueled a deceptive dream that captured our collective curiosity, fascinating us all about how AI would (or at least “could”) lift us above the daily drudgery of life, allowing us to use our precious and limited time to experience some of the more dignified things we can imagine possible; things like art, music, spirituality….or perhaps, for others, unending days of leisure marinated in perpetual physical pleasures of some form, aka “hedonism”.
Of course, these powerful new information and computational tools combined with other emerging technologies, such as biotech, are increasingly running the entire ‘knowledge economy’, which globalists are now trying to extend as far as possible into as many sectors of the economy and society as possible. Why?
To increase capacity for greater surveillance, tracking and control, with a priority focus on doing that within the health and food sectors of the economy.
These globalists are quickly providing us with all the evidence we need to conclude that the utopian-like promises were all lies, never even on their radar, never going to happen. Why I say?
Because the AI power just unleashed on the world in the last few months is 100% in the hands of global corporations working to be a part of the ‘one-world government’ infrastructure they see coming.
And despite growing concerns about major negative and potentially catastrophic consequences for humanity from AI, there are no checks and balances in place whatsoever, no regulatory mechanisms or laws, not even any discussions about the need for any of that.
In such a wild west environment, the continued evolution of AI’s release leaves us waiting and wondering what will happen next, as it is continually being made more powerful as updates are released in a race between competitors launching their own versions, with always increasing capacity and power.
A few recent corporate public announcements on AI-generated job losses reveal SHOCKING numbers of “lay-offs” that have already happened or are on the immediate horizon as a result of AI replacing jobs – entire PROFESSIONS are disappearing – and with those “cast-away” human careers goes the humans as well, and their families, and there’s no government ‘retraining’ programs being discussed this time around to justify such radical transformations!
This great AI leap for humanity is quickly showing it’s true purpose (given the fact that it lies in the hands of narcissistic, unelected, tyrants working together as a cabal lording it over the entire world), and that is as a vicious tool to expedite the impoverishment of millions of people and their families, for purely selfish reasons and ideological purposes; goals that have nothing to do with bettering humanity, but rather, the exact opposite, with clear evidence that part of the plan of this cabal is to reduce substantially the number of humans living in the ‘new economy’.
Behind every coordinated, globally-dispersed (simultaneously) lie is another “plank” in the great deception currently gripping the world (what non-theists refer to, from a purely psychological perspective, as “mass psychosis,” manifesting itself as a collective-cultural endorsement of what is – and was commonly understood not that long ago to be – patently irrational and dangerous).
These rotten “fruits” now obvious to anyone still capable of rational thought represent the collective, coordinated works of demons fulfilling Satan’s final plan to win souls to himself and away from God.
The individual contributions of millions, the vast majority of whom are likely completely oblivious to the very existence of demons, or at least the idea they might be operating and influencing their behaviour, have nonetheless, by their lives outside of the grace and will of God, been agents of the evil one executing elements of an evil end-game “magnus opus” of the devil, as is clearly outlined in both Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church.
This is not the article to elaborate the argument, but I’ll present the conclusion now, and that is, that AI is THE tool making possible what the devil aims to achieve by way of his Antichrist.
After my last appeal for some financial help to launch my new website some weeks ago, I did receive a few more donations, and the person helping with the technical work building the site, transferring material from the old site, etc. has continued to do some work.
I’m still about $300 short of my $1,000 target, but am committed now to proceed, based on both the level of encouragement I am receiving to do so, as well as what I see as a growing need to do so.
When the vision to build a new website first came into my mind over a year ago, with the title, “Fleeing Babylon,” I immediately knew, or could see in that vision, exactly what was needed: i.e., there would be a need to clarify the terrain upon which each of our personal ‘spiritual battles’ are fought, in what is now the ‘great spiritual battle’ happening in the world in these end-times.
My website is to be for those who believe in God, or are searching sincerely, and want to understand God’s will for them, and then have the knowledge, power and means to be faithful and obedient to doing God’s will, which we discover in the teachings and life of Jesus.
Navigating that terrain in today’s world is by no means a cake-walk, as a result of what that “battle on the spiritual realm” really looks like right now, and the increasing numbers and degree of power of demonic beings now desperately giving it their ‘all’ as a final attempt to assist their master [Satan] win the battle for human souls.
The truth is that many Christians love God (and yes, when all else passes away, love will remain) but have very little understanding of the interior workings of the spiritual life, or even how to discern what is coming from ourselves, and what is impacting our memory or imagination perhaps that is taking us down a certain wrong road, or grossly exaggerating an emotional reaction to an event, that exceeds what is normal and may be the result of demonic influence.
People may tend to think of the experience of temptation only in terms of being something that entices their own will, and yes, concupiscence exists, and our fallen nature and inclinations to please the senses and flesh can be the origin of temptations to sin, but that normally falls within the boundaries of the particular degree of “acceptance or resistance” of each particular person’s state regarding that virtue (which means ‘habit’).
So if what would be a normal level of ‘temptation’ for a particular vice is suddenly magnified 10x, with 10x the captivating power over our attention, it’s time for discernment, and more importantly, prayer, because all that extra umph is likely coming from a demon.
People think demonic influence is some sort of a rare phenomena, but I’m telling you the truth that demons are at us now continuously and if you’re not aware of that, you’re in trouble.
My new site will continue some of this spiritual-direction writing, but offer much more, as well as carry forward all my previous writings organized in separate pages.
I was recently informed that FB closed down my Dr. Kevin J. Arsenault page because the community (still haven’t actually met anyone belonging to it) says I’m a big loser!
This FB “newsfeed” is currently under multiple restrictions, so I’m anxious to make the complete transition to my own website so I can write freely what I want and feel is necessary, without infuriating all the members of the FB (fascist bot) community!
If you can find it in your heart to send a small donation to help hit my thousand-dollar target I’d appreciate it.
I’m hoping to get a bit of time in on my new website before Trudeau’s people use their newly-acquired censorship superpowers to shut that down too!
There’s no apologizing or back-stepping or attempting to deny the flagrant association in naming and/or ‘launching ceremonies’ of new initiatives that are key in moving the world along the “Great Reset” path set by the global billionaires [coordinated principally by the WEF and UN], with explicit, ancient demonic rituals and symbols.
I’ve previously published several posts on FB in the past few months offering specific examples such as last year’s Commonwealth Games, various statues of Baphomet being put up in various cities, devil worship at the Grammy Awards, etc.
Well, here’s another one!
And it’s a very appropriate one, because it’s with the FEAR of ‘losing our health’ we are most tempted to “not trust God” to protect, restore or otherwise use the state of our health, and even non-health, for the fulfilment of His will, which is a form of apostasy when that faith is transferred to human technology: Babylon more than anything else represents apostasy!
Fueling fear about losing one’s health, then promising ‘health’ and vitality at a cost, as a result of human ingenuity, is to rely on man, not God, and that is what we are seeing happening now in our increasingly Godless-culture and society as people panic over any information that raises the possibility of a negative health impact.
This makes the entire population powerless in the hands of global manipulators now in the process of attempting to replace human health practitioners with AI, as is the model with Babylon Health.
The infrastructure of that apostasy is rapidly being put in place, and, what a coincidence, the key company putting the tentacles on the beast has named itself ‘Babylon’, which of course has one of the more flattering characterizations that will easily lend itself to wholesome, family-focused advertising don’t you think?
Imagine the day the company execs were deciding the name of the company. A scripture quote is thrown on the table for consideration:
“And he cried out with a mighty voice, saying, “Fallen, fallen is Babylon the great! She has become a dwelling place of demons and a prison of every unclean spirit, and a prison of every unclean and hateful bird.” [Revelations 18:2].
“Bingo!” says the chief exec, “dwelling place of demons….perfect!”
We’re living in a sick world folks. If you want to be healthy, trust God and flee Babylon Health (part of the entire ‘Babylon complex’ of control coordinating the conquering of hearts, minds, and then, sadly, souls)!
From Wikipedia:
“Babylon Health is a digital-first health service provider that combines an artificial intelligence powered platform with virtual clinical operations for patients. Patients are connected with health care professionals through their web and mobile application.
Their subscription business model for private healthcare services was launched in the UK in 2013. They have since expanded internationally to 17 countries including Rwanda and the United States.[5] They also provide services in Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. The company covers over 20 million people and provides over 5,000 consultations per day.”
Babylon health was a public company, but as a startup putting all this money in development made no money and has just announced a new partnership and the intention to go private, burning the shareholders but I’m sure putting a smile on collage Schwab and Bill Gates’s faces.
Watch as BlackRock steps in when the time’s right to link up this company with all of the other tentacles, tying them together into one global system of digital control. [See: https://www.healthcaredive.com/…/babylon-health…/650099/].