I don’t recall our local media informing us that around the same time Premier King and Dr. Heather Morrison were bombarding us with little videos to get needles, each with a different scenario reminding us that with the restrictions in place, it would be difficult to live a happy life without them, and that we would be, on the contrary, very happy and capable of permanent ear-to-ear smiling with them, because we would be able to participate in public events.
There was even a video with little children exuding such happiness and smiles at being able to go to public events with their friends.
It was a relentless series of promotional videos that always assured Islanders that to do the “moral thing,” they needed to get needles, which they also promised were “safe and effective”.
And they’re still saying that!
All Islanders should therefore be made aware that the federal government had enlisted a strategy from the very outside to hide the truth about adverse events from the public, with a plan to CONTINUE telling Canadians that they were safe and effective, even though they knew they were not!
This was to achieve the goal of making sure that the maximum number of needles would be injected into as many Canadians of all ages as absolutely possible, with the allocation of the necessary resources and policy commitments to achieve that goal, and massive amounts of transfers to the provinces to get on board.
Anyone who followed the advice of our Premier and Chief Public Health Officer and got needles couldn’t feel anything but BETRAYED, now knowing the truth about the true intention behind all the lies, deception, coercion and unnecessary poisoning of Islanders by our recently re-elected PC government!
How sad and how evil, and it’s still going on.
And by the way, the promise made by Premier King to meet with Dr. Laura Braden has resulted in her getting no return call to several calls making herself available for that meeting. The fear in the premier to address or even get anywhere near the truth is palpable and that is so sad.
Ask your MLA if those still experimental needles of genetically-engineered material they are still pushing an Islanders “safe and effective”? If they say yes, which they should if they’re pushing them, ask for the evidence for that claim, then provide them with this information about the true intentions behind the entire affair.
The Blacklock report is by subscription only, but the Toronto Sun covered that investigative report based on federal FOIPP documents, which is attached.
I would suggest it be made compulsory reading for anyone still buying Premier King’s “safe and effective” line, so share it with someone who is lining up to get their next jab who you care about:
“A secret Privy Council office memo recommended that any COVID vaccine-related injuries or deaths be carefully managed with “winning communication strategies” as to not “shake public confidence,” according to Blacklock’s Reporter.”    READ HERE