Why are the members of our political opposition Parties in PEI not asking government about the excess deaths that are happening in PEI?
Lawlessness reigns when leaders run from the truth in cowardice and selfish preoccupations rather than embrace the responsibilities they have as elected leaders, and to diligently pursue the fulfillment of promises made to voters!
Premier King is running on a number of issues which I will soon begin to “track” for the benefit of the public, once my new website is launched. Issues that include several LAWSUITS he is embroiled in (both ‘personally’ and as the leader of the province).
On the issue of excess deaths, he could find out the truth in quick order if he would only honour his promise to meet with Dr. Laura Braden, who he has so-far not even had the courtesy to return her calls to arrange a time to meet to receive a briefing on the “science” of C-19, the science that the voter told him Dr. Braden had, to which King told him he’d be happy to meet.
All of that science continues to be CENSORED by the Guardian, CBC, and especially one of the extremists on the far-left in PEI, Paul MacNeil with the Eastern Graphic.
PS – Are you keeping track of how many people are ‘dying suddenly’ in PEI lately, BELOW 60 years old? Another one posted on PEI.COM 5 hours ago – 59 yrs old.
We are not to judge anyone, because we don’t know their heart, or all the circumstances they face when making decisions, but we ARE TO EXPOSE evil, and it is most definitely EVIL that our smiling, friendly MLAs have truly become LAWLESS in their obvious hatred of the truth. And we know they hate the truth because for 3 years they have refused to let it even show it’s face in the very Legislative Assembly from which law is crafted!