The deceptive preoccupation with not causing “OFFENCE” is indeed causing a fence (many actually) to be erected among us to divide and corral us into separate “FACTIONS.” Wherein ‘HOLINESS” does not equate with “WHOLENESS”, whereas love of God and Love of neighbour marry one another in our hearts.  FACTIONS that turn us into “FRACTIONS” of the true kind of “WHOLE” God wants from us – union with Him and our brothers and sisters.
The Globalists don’t want us to be working together to create true equality (which requires economic justice) and loathe that we want to remove the barriers that keep us weak and fractious and unable to see one another as equal members of the same human family, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the same loving and merciful God, all in need of the same salvation – all in need of being rescued from Global, lying tyrants aiming to control and destroy.
It is part of the great deception that we should be separating from one another more as we see each other as the “problem.” This is the lying Globalists method for bringing us “together” as equals, to have us get angry about how we are not necessarily “equal” as the world judges equality, and sadly, that’s principally because of the egregiously unjust imbalance in economic power, where those pushing the “offence” defence to hide their crimes, are the ones doing all the censoring and dividing to keep us weak, distanced, and ultimately-unholy.