Parents concerned about what is happening to their children should be following Tasha Fishman- everyone should be, actually.

This is her post:


Do you smell the set up?
Parents do not fall for their “feel good-buzz words” such as “diversity, inclusivity or anti-racist”….they are manufacturing another divide between us so that we don’t unite against the real problem which is the Globalist/Woke takeover.
This toxic ideology is designed to divide and control us. Like having a teaspoon of sugar with a little cyanide…we have to be able to see through their BS. The government wants you to believe in their Orwellian thought police…it’s a set up.
When propaganda and legislation mix we have a Big problem…
What’s the solution you may ask? IMO get your kids out at all costs-organize with other like minds in your communities, the system cannot be reformed…it’s working perfectly.
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