Invoking God to give His Blessing on the transitioning process from what He created someone to be to what their deluded thinking tells them they are? ….from what Scripture states is completely contrary to His Will to their own?
Absolute blasphemy!
It’s the fruit of a rationalized version of watered-down, worldly Christianity, where human beings think they’re smarter than God now, being all modern and everything, full of knowledge from science and exhaustive amounts of information acquired from the time of the great Enlightenment!
In truth, it’s modifying the hard message of Christianity with the easy message of secular culture; it’s the fruit of pride, a singular mental blindness that comes from ego-based self-deception, something described in Scripture as the “wisdom of this world,” at enmity with God…solid evidence of being alienated from His Holy Spirit.
“The text, which is wording that would be used during a worship service across all Anglican parishes, includes blessings for the gender transition process, affirmation of gender identity, along with scripture readings and appropriate hymns.”
“So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” [Genesis 1:27].
You sometimes hear people who claim to be transgender say things like, “I was born transgender, and God doesn’t make mistakes….”
Part of that is true: God doesn’t make mistakes, but we do!
In this instant, it is a very big mistake, generated by an irrational, rather than logical, way of thinking that holds that how a person “feels” is what defines what is real, which of course is ridiculous.
If someone says, “I feel like a person of the opposite sex,” then that becomes “truth,” and God becomes someone who made a mistake, at least according to His own revelation in Scripture.
And Jesus confirmed that it was God’s Will that humans be “male and female,” and come together to form a family, i.e., raise children.
How could anyone possibly believe that God’s Divine order evident throughout creation is “substandard work,” and needs tweaking UNLESS they were alienated from God’s Holy Spirit, relying on their own wisdom, a wisdom from below, not above?