In a time of peace, catholic clergy can preach the truth about heaven and earth and everything in between while still not being faithful followers of Jesus in their hearts, but rather, attached to and far-too comfortable in the world, and NO ONE one will ever detect hypocrisy or notice their very lukewarm or absent love for God.

Such is not the case in a lawless time such as we’re living in now however; hypocrisy reveals itself in all who choose to remain in Babylon!

What could easily be kept hidden in the heart in previous times – while appearances of piety and devotion held the day in proper decorum and favourable assumptions and opinions held by others – is now being revealed as hypocrisy and a lukewarm commitment to our Lord.

The evidence is in the fruits of disobedience grown from not following the commands of Jesus, and that rotten fruit manifests itself as decisions and actions [often in the form of “inaction and silence” when action and words are called for], something now obvious to anyone with “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

The truth of such unfaithful leadership and failed imitation of Jesus by clergy is most evident in the failure of the clergy to tell the truth about the world… to speak against the ACTUAL evil that is happening and affecting their parishioners negatively,  physically, mentally and spiritually, affecting all the innocent sheep in their flocks.

Each week they have that decision to make anew as they stare out over their congregations from the pulpit and offer their ‘commentary’ on the Word of God, the Gospel.

Such clergy may speak of evil in the world, even talk about the ‘dark days’ we’re in, but do so only abstractly. They don’t actually give guidance or anything close to ‘practical wisdom’ on navigating these difficult times with a full awareness of what we are in the midst of and up against.

Their words are spoken to individuals for the benefit of their personal, private spirituality, which tends to only support their own abstracted understanding of how we are to live out our faith in the world in our daily lives! Such is not preaching the Gospel of Jesus, no matter how many times His name may be mentioned!

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” [Matthew 7:21].

And what is the “Will of the Father” for our time?

Nothing is being said to the “entire congregation as a community” about the place that the people of God, the church, the entire “community of believers” now finds itself in the world…which is that we are under attack in a full-on end times spiritual battle and called to be engaged in that warfare for good and God.

To say nothing of any of that in today’s world – in the midst of end times events and spiritual warfare – is to totally undermine what it actually means to preach the Gospel.

“Preaching the Gospel” isn’t just about Jesus saving us for heaven! A very big part of the Gospel message also entails – for our priests especially – imitating Jesus in His public stand against corruption and evil, that eventually got Him killed, and in doing so being His true witnesses in the world by doing what he did. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, right?

We also shouldn’t forget why Jesus upset the authorities so much: it was because he was making their hypocrisy and the evil, selfish intentions of their hearts known to the people! He was showing his followers how all the fineries and apparent holiness, public prayers and almsgiving, and rituals of the religious leaders were all just parts of a façade masking their complicity with sin and evil in the world.

That’s the great deception now facing clergy: to hide from the truth about evil in the world, the ‘evil day’ we are in, and to carry on like they always did with the execution of their daily and weekly religious duties.

Priests more than anyone are charged to clarify moral and spiritual matters for their parishioners, to challenge corruption in society, and to stand against evil by speaking against such things, both in the pulpit during church services, and publicly, calling out evil loudly, boldly, and confidently with great courage.

Preaching the gospel requires speaking the full truth about both salvation in Jesus and “heaven”, yes, but must ALSO include the truth about the material world in which we are living, the truth about our short life on “earth” which is presently under the control of the Prince of Darkness, Satan.

Priests know very well, or they should know, that it is a constituent and ESSENTIAL part of the Gospel for them to expose evil, again, especially in a lawless time, and to make that a part of their regular preaching.

How else are they going to be able to bring about awareness among their congregation of what is truly happening in the world so they can make wise moral decisions to work against evil and for the establishment of the Kingdom of peace and justice in the world – the Kingdom of God – a kingdom based on that truth?

They won’t be able to… that’s the simple answer to that question.

They’ll come around when the time is right

I shared this very concern with an off-Island priest recently, one who is aware fully of the current evil trends happening as we experience what “end times” actually means. When I did he mentioned that he personally believes that when the “mark of the beast” is finally required, that’s when the priests with real faith will prove their true worth and take a public stand.

The backstop to this way of thinking, as I see it, is that because the evil in the world is now so great, and the deception so total in the global population, no human intervention or effort could change the course of things – an evil course – so we await for Divine intervention. Hmmm.

The problem with this way of thinking is that it can easily be used as a key ingredient for self-deception, rationalizing a cowardly refusal to be fully engaged “in the world,”  trusting God, and dealing with the actual evil IN THE DAY that is ‘sufficient for the day” [the guidance given by Jesus for navigating our way through the world:

“Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.” [Matthew 6:34].

Is that what priests are doing? Taking no thought for tomorrow?

I don’t think so…In fact I think they are plagued with worries these days about the future outcomes of radical actions they might take or words they might speak and are petrified: worries starting with: (1) losing charitable status for failing out of favour with the federal government who can take that status away in a minute; and (2) being disobedient to the bishops who are as quiet as dead mice on any issue that might lead to a decision that would, again, take a public stand against government demands for compliance with policies, no matter how irrational or evil, as a result of the VOW OF OBEDIENCE TO BISHOPS priests take when they are ordained.

The volumes of “bishop’s statements” on social issues of rights, justice, corruption that were so prevalent in the 1980s and 1990s (I remember walking in public marches in Toronto beside bishops when I was the Director of the Jesuit Center for Social Faith and Justice in the mid-1990s) could happen without jeopardizing charitable status – we were still living in a ‘lawful’ society where constitutional rights to act to hold civic authorities act responsibly and morally were respected, so Bishops and the catholic church were not facing the same possibilities of persecution or ill-treatment by government back then.

They likely would face such repercussions now, and they likely know that!

Of course, we cannot be “of the world” as we act in it if we are to remain spiritual and able to do God’s work. Nor can we allow ourselves to be enticed by the allurements and promises presented to us by the world, nor chose to direct our attention to satisfying bodily pleasures and earthly ambitions that are purely temporal.

We can’t do any of that without ‘choosing’ to live there in our spirit, which makes us ‘of the world’ while living in the world, which is a real no-no! We are to set our thoughts on things Divine always, having a constant awareness of our future home in heaven as the backdrop for our lives giving us a reliable and essential framework within which to keep our focus on the true meaning of life giving us right understanding.

We can then act in the world in a spiritually-detached way with the mind of Christ guiding us, as we see the world and everything in it including other people within God’s plan for salvation, and interact with the world, and everything in it including other people, as God the Father would act, and as Jesus taught us to act: ie., with mercy and love.

What we can’t do alone we can do empowered by the Spirit giving courage to “take up our cross,” and to face the persecution that comes from exposing evil and telling the truth about the world.

That’s the reason Jesus gave to Pilate for his being born into the world afterall, to testify to the truth!

And He never talked about Himself, or what he was offering as our Lord and Saviour come to earth, nor the heaven that awaits us, in any other way or context but that of exposing evil, speaking His truth as judgment against that evil that enslaves people in sin, darkens their minds, and corrupts their hearts to see evil as good.

Jesus was meek and humble and came not as a judge, but to save the world, but as He said, it is His words and witness that would judge the world and all those hearing them yet not obeying them:

“I have come into the world as light, so that whoever believes in me may not remain in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not keep them, I do not judge him; for I did not come to judge the world but to save the world. The one who rejects me and does not receive my words has a judge; the word that I have spoken will judge him on the last day.” [John 12:46-48].

Jesus spoke often about how the world was under the control of Satan, how people had allowed demons to enter and control them, and how they have been blinded to the truth by an attachment to what the world offers them.

Such attachments capture the heart and fill them with all the mind’s attention can bring it, rendering the heart incapable of hearing the message of truth about salvation that Jesus spoke in parables as very-thinly disguised guidance calling for conversion and obedience, ie., the message of Salvation was unable to penetrate the hearts of many listeners to bring spiritual transformation wherein rebirth in the Spirit happens and they are made new in Christ through the pow4r of the Holy Spirit because of their love of sin and lawlessness.

No, of course we can’t change the massive wave of evil sweeping across the world now with any kind or amount of human Ingenuity and effort no matter how many people get on board.

WE.. can’t bring about any good in the world without God, if truth be known. But consider for a moment that God has perhaps chosen to execute that “awaited” intervention in the world through us!!

Would it not require “divine intervention” to see a group of 15-20 Island catholic priests dressed in black garb with white collars blazing, head held high, joining the March happening this Wednesday in Charlottetown, PEI for example (or similarly, in other provinces across the country given it’s a ‘National Event’) deciding finally to stand against the evil attacks on our children from trans and queer ideology?

It is the teaching of the Catholic Church that this ideology and it’s undemocratic imposition on us now undermining parental rights is evil. I could quote 2,900 catholic documents to prove the point, but do I really need to!

Yet, will there be any priests at the March? No, unless of course there is..DIVINE INTERVENTION….so pray for that.

For three (3) years there been nothing but full compliance from our priests with an evil set of demands, and to my knowledge not a single PEI priest has spoken out publicly against the evil that’s been happening, despite my and others concerted efforts to have such happen by presenting them with scientific, peer-reviewed evidence that would give confidence in speaking such truth. Why would that change now?

The shutting of church doors for no good scientific reason? Saying nothing about the ongoing poisoning of our children with needles? Undermining parental rights as our government encourages teachers to help little children transition to an imaginary ‘identity’ by mutilating their own body? What’s it going to take to have our priests mention and address these critically-important issues?

Is saying nothing about any of this the model of discipleship our priests and new bishop are holding up for the faithful laity to follow as the way to be faithful to Jesus? So far…yes!

Until they speak up and say something or take a public stand against such evil…that is what they are telling their perishers to do, to comply with evil!

We are commanded to FLEE BABYLON in this evil day, not to comply with tyrannical God-less guidance and demands as we continue to participate in Babylon’s sins!

What a glorious and divine event it would be indeed to see a group of priests led by our new bishop gather at the starting gate for the march to protect children on the 20th?

In fact, I’m adding that to my prayer list right this minute!

“Please God let me see all the priests on Prince Edward Island walking hand-in-hand with many other courageous Islanders, willing to stand against the intimidating and irrational queer and trans culture stealing our children from us and robbing them of an awareness of your great love for them, their true nature and identity, and what you want to give them to make them happy and whole! Amen”

The Church believes that “action on behalf of justice and participation in the transformation of the world fully appear as a constitutive dimension of the preaching of the gospel.” (cf. Justicia in Mundo, statement of the Synod of Bishops, 1971).

Remember that teaching catholic priests?

How can you encourage parishioners to act on behalf of justice through participation in the transformation of the world when you won’t even mention the evil in it they have to identify and resist? Or if you do mention it, you only do as a some scary thing that we have to pray hard as private individuals to have God fix while we try to be good and not affected by! That’s not the teaching of the Gospel!

 I hear not a single clergy within my church speaking publicly or clearly to their congregations about the truth now documentable about the great global deception and evil agenda at work in the world!

When individuals are presented with the gospel in an way abstracted from the social context in which they are living in such a manner, and clergy refuse to expose evil as they are called to do, then that allows the LIE at the heart of the great deception to guide their sheep in key decisions daily; decisions that have moral and spiritual significant. Evil is allowed to prevail because clergy refuse to point out how those lies are in fact lies.

It’s impossible to be a faithful witness to Jesus in today’s world while living in Babylon and being unwilling to flee (ie., ‘risk all’) to speak about that evil to others about how it is attempting to destroy the people of God.

When lies are allowed to stand as truth, the truth itself is turned into a lie in that the vision and promise that is presented to the faithful is given without the proper means for them to attain it which requires  being faithful to the commands of Jesus, especially those specially relating to the ‘evil day’ that He told us would someday come upon the world which is now upon us!

When the Gospel is preached ‘disembodied’ from the incarnation into the world that Jesus experienced and asked us to imitate, then the sheep not supposed to be “of the world” are left abandoned to be saturated with the world, and these days, that manifests (to give but one example) as really awful and unprecedented evil such as the global injection of bioengineered nanoparticles into people with that material now courses through their veins destroying their God-given natural immunity.

The previous bishop for the Diocese of Charlottetown and all priests were all provided incontrovertible proof of the truth about the injections a couple of years ago and refused to even acknowledge it, and like the media and government, at the time at least, were completely unwilling to consider the evidence seriously.

Whether that will remain the case with the new bishop is yet to be seen. As for now, it’s a bleak situation for the laity as the diocesan priests are more aptly described with a comparison to the priest of the Jewish people captured by the Babylonians than the disciples of Jesus!


“The priests said not, Where is the LORD? and they that handle the law knew me not: the pastors also transgressed against me, and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and walked after things that do not profit.”


“As throughout the work of Jeremiah and most of the prophets of the Old Testament, that which weighed most heavily on their souls was that those who were called to be guides of the people were themselves the chief agents in the evil. The salt had lost its savour. The light had become darkness. The rebuke, we must remember, came from the lips of one who was himself a priest.”