The MOSAIC EFFECT by Scott McGregor and Ina Mitchell takes the reader on an unprecedented journey into a parallel “shadow” world where the CCP’s ultimate battle plan for the “West” is revealed.

In the description for the book found on numerous book-selling sites like Amazon, where it can now be pre-ordered, we read:

“With the help of a team of ‘intelligence collectors’ that includes journalists, former agents and law enforcement, researchers, and underground citizen spies, hidden within the Chinese diaspora and old fashioned ‘tradecraft’. McGregor uses the mosaic theory of intelligence to piece together a fascinating spy puzzle with tentacles that reach into the highest office in the land, then etches out the CCP’s battleplan that was used in Canada as a warning for the United States of America and other sovereign nations.”

I was part of that “team” and had many telephone and email exchanges with one of the two authors. My extensive Monkileaks investigative research series was, needless to say, of great interest to them and will be highlighted in the book.

Once again, sadly, PEI will be making international news for all the wrong reasons thanks to people like former Premier Robert Ghiz and former Premier McLaughlin….and of course the demon PNP child they conceived!

They gave Mr Frank Zhou pretty much exclusive, unquestioned, uninhibited access to bring whomever he chose to Canada by designating him an “intermediary” in that program.

Frank Zhou proudly boosts on his Sunrise website that he’s brought thousands of Chinese into Canada through the doors Ghiz and McLaughlin held open in PEI while in power, then nailed back to the wall making them permanently open with policy, and personnel, then when the Liberal Premier was replaced by Conservative Premier Dennis King, the Insider club and back-room boys were not replaced however, so the doors have (not surprisingly) been left that way – open – to this very day.

I’ll share a CTV interview that Scott McGregor did on all of this stuff, showing both the criminality and connections to the CCP, in another post another day.