Image taken from Part 1: “Here come the monks…”

If you missed the first of a 2-part video focus on PEI by Lei’s Real talk you’ll want to watch it – that is if you care about the lies and deception that has underpinned everything the Buddhists have done since first introducing themselves to PEI.

As I have mentioned in several episodes of my Monkileaks series, I worked in conjunction with a former monk who also had a website. His area of expertise besides his personal interest and experience with Buddhism and Bliss and Wisdom was what was happening in Taiwan and China, whereas my research focussed on what what happening in PEI with the Buddhists and Bliss and Wisdom. He translated and reproduced my findings, much to the chagrin of Bliss and Wisdom, who had misled the millions donated by Taiwanese citizens about the true purpose of those funds: lavish living from Zhen Ru (Mary Jin) the leader, and thousands of acres of land purchases in PEI.

You will notice the source material for Lei’s excellent summary and mostly ‘background’ Part 1 was entirely from my and my Taiwanese friend’s investigative work. I am so honoured with the excellent job done in summarizing and presenting the core findings for those not privy to thousands of pages of documentation, ie., the ‘general public’.

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In Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI), a Taiwanese Buddhist organization controlled by a mainland Chinese woman has been scooping up large parcels of land. PEI government officials have remained silent despite local residents’ concerns. Who are the people behind this organization? Is it a CCP Belt-and-Road type of invasion hidden in monks’ robes? The answers are more complex than what meets the eye.

I suspect Part 2 will focus more on my research, given it is focussed more on the PEI local “support” for the communist-infiltrated Bliss and Wisdom enterprise. Frank Zhou – know to some in PEI, but not really ‘known’ – will be highlighted as the ‘key’ making the infiltration possible, with the lap-dog cronyism and corruption of the local politicians.  I’m hoping to see Steven Myers in Part 2 – but I realize not all the material I have made available for the episode can fit in the short time allotted.

6pm update: 

My suspicion that Steven Myers would be featured in the podcast was correct…I had sent that clip late, after the editing had apparently begun, but I guess they thought it was too ‘spot-on’ in revealing the whole ‘casual’ nature of how local PEI politicians are in bed with high-ranking communist serving a brutal dictator1 

Islanders better wake up like Lei says in her closing comments. This is no joke…it’s communistic take-over with smiles, hand-shakes, lies, betrayals and a population blissfully and unwisely oblivious to the steady slide from freedom into enslavement.