What a lovely email to get from a MLA on your 65th birthday! And yes Mr Myers, your email did find me well, as I hope was also the case for you after you watched your big debut on the world stage.
Kudos for calling out the former Liberal Premier Wade McLaughlin for his corruption, for being in bed with the czar of Chinese immigrants streaming into Canada through PEI, Frank Zhou, all for personal gain and a corrupt revenue stream into government.
Over 11,000 people have already watched that video on YouTube, not to mention all the other platforms on which it’s debuting!
It’s really unfortunate that you are now, Mr Myers, in favour of all those same corrupt things you did such an amazing job articulating as “corruption in government that needs to end” while trying to get to where you now are – what happened to your indignation? (Sigh)
In fact, you did such a good job, when I sent that clip to Lei and the editors of the second video (linked below) it left them absolutely gobsmacked.
No… get over yourself, it wasn’t because of your animated and exuberant performance, notwithstanding it’s clarity and effectiveness, but rather, at the casual “business-as-usual” attitude regarding such criminal activity on our fair Isle.
For such things to have been publicly disclosed and documented in Hansard, then to have had no consequence at all was shocking to them as it is to our fellow-Canadians!
You knew it wouldn’t change anything at the time …. I knew it wouldn’t change anything, but I provided you with that documentation from my investigation anyhow, because people need to know the truth, and I put some hope in you being a person who wasn’t just another person saying stuff until they got to the trough.
But that’s only because we’re living in a cesspool that’s deeper and a lot stinkier than those in other places in Canada!
What I’ve already documented in my Buddhist investigation and articles, also in my investigation and articles on foipp, egaming and PNP, and other issues as well, would result in immediate firings for sure, and in some instances, serious criminal charges.
ANYWHERE else but Prince Edward Island, that is, at least in North America. And our local “investigative” journalists cover nothing of it, which is a very big part of the problem!
So yes, I am very well, and I hope that video found you well as well.
FYI, I’ll be doing an article commenting on the report in the newsletter you sent, the one regarding the current government’s total “head-in-the-sand” immigration vision for PEI.
It is absolutely astounding to me that there is no mention of anything bad relating to anything Buddhist, PNP, connections to the CCP, or anything immigration at all in that document.
Baffling, especially given the profile and pounding that PEI is getting both nationally and internationally regarding this corrupt immigration policy and scheming mess.
A mess that’s been in place for such a long time and become so commonplace to have numbed the collective moral conscience of Islanders regarding the shear wrongness of it all, and just nonchalantly expect it all to continue as usual.
A PC wake-up call is coming real soon Mr. Myers and Premier King… and you’ll not find a pillow big enough to deaden the noise when it starts ringing, so forget that plan before you make it.

*    *   *   *   *

If you haven’t watched these two podcasts, each approximately 15 minutes in length, and you really want to experience what “seeing what everyone but Islanders [so it seems] sees,” before you’re part of the big embarrassment, watch them.

Start with the second one featuring Myers, then watch the first one that gives such an excellent background on Mary Jin [Zhen Ru] and the whole Bliss and Wisdom corporate empire connected to communism.



SYNOPSIS FOR 1st PODCAST: Why people on Canada’s PEI are concerned with a Chinese Buddhist group

In Canada’s Prince Edward Island (PEI), a Taiwanese Buddhist organization controlled by a mainland Chinese woman has been scooping up large parcels of land. PEI government officials have remained silent despite local residents’ concerns. Who are the people behind this organization? Is it a CCP Belt-and-Road type of invasion hidden in monks’ robes? The answers are more complex than what meets the eye.

SYNOPSIS FOR 2nd PODCAST: “Does immigration fraud on Canada’s PEI cause U.S. concerns over security?”

More than a decade ago, the Buddhist group Bliss and Wisdom moved its headquarters from Taiwan to Canada’s Prince Edward Island; thousands of monks, nuns, monastic students and their families have immigrated to PEI. However, local residents find their aggressive land-grabbing and lack of transparency troubling. Yet, the island’s political establishment vouched for the group. Security experts, say immigration fraud has made Canada one of the pre-eminent national security concerns for the U.S.. How does the story of a Buddhist group in Canada’s smallest province highlight the most alarming geopolitical threat of our time?