This is mostly for all who have expressed some interest in, or have supported me in some way, in my investigative research exposing corruption within the PEI government, but is also to invite all who support getting rid of selfish and corrupt officials within the PEI government and establishing a just system of governance that listens to and serves Islanders.
Although my new website is focussed on the unfortunate and unprecedented state of ‘lawlessness’ we have entered into quite suddenly over the past few years, I am now in a position to make public the fruits of many years of investigative research into corruption and scandals in PEI.
Those scandals now coming to a head include what’s happening with the infiltration of communism through the PNP and Buddhists, and key players no one knows much about like “Frank Zhou”, the person CHOOSING the individuals coming here from China and Taiwan, someone who’s own mother and father were allegedly Generals in the CCP army.
The lawsuit against Denny King is also a story I’ll be covering in coming weeks, as well as the major CMT lawsuit on egaming relying in large part on research I uncovered in my investigations into that complicated scandal. As well, I’m being sued for something I made public that was being kept secret, and will be writing about how that lawsuit unfolds.
There were a lot of problems transferring all the material from my previous website, and I have only now gotten the tech people to fix my subscription and automated “new post” notification system, so that’s why I’m sending this out today.
The timing is right, because a podcast out of the States exposing communist corruption and expansion will be doing a 2-part ‘back-to-back’ set of podcasts FOCUSING ON THE KEY ROLE PEI PLAYS IN COMMUNIST EXPANSION IN THE WEST, based in part on the findings from my Monkileaks series, and further research and documentation I have provided.
I will be keeping Islanders abreast of all these developments through posts on my website, beginning with links and commentaries to what I expect will be quite shocking exposure internationally for PEI with these podcasts today and tomorrow.
Although the largest audience for these are apparently in Taiwan and China, they are in English, and there is a growing following in North America as well.
The work I do is voluntary, so donations via either email transfer or snail mail are greatly appreciated. I don’t have any ads or associations with anyone in the corporate world, and I have been experiencing a lot of censorship, so if you do like what I am doing and see value in it, consider sharing a link to my website and a recommendation with your friends and family members to subscribe and also promote the critically-important and timely information I am providing.
So, please click on the following link and subscribe to get a 7am email with a link to the most recent posts to stay on top of what’s really happening in PEI and beyond:
You may have to hunt a bit for the subscribe button in the menu on mobile devices (I’m getting that fixed soon) but it’ll be on the right side-bar on computers.
I can’t say all the news I’ll be reporting will be good, although I am increasingly writing about psychology and spirituality rather than politics, and there’s hope in there if you set both on the right course, which I’ll try to assist readers to do with my writings in those areas, especially in my doctoral area of expertise focusing on the social and psychological dynamics that can operate and prevent the development of moral awareness.
However, a big part of what I will be doing in the immediate number of months will fall under the “exposing evil” part of my mission to confront evil in the world by revealing truth; most of those revelations will be important with consequences for Islandes, often EYE-OPENING, and will not be reported by any other media on PEI.
Thank you!
Kevin J. Arsenault, PhD