If you’re miserable and locked in addictive patterns that are selfish and sinful, don’t fool yourself into thinking that an all-merciful God will rescue you from all your misery and problems that sin brings with ‘desperation prayers’ for “fixes”.
The God of the bible is not first and foremost a God of “love” [as Trans-queer ideologues would have you believe]: above all else, God is HOLY!
“Wisdom will not enter a deceitful soul, nor dwell in a body enslaved to sin. For a holy and disciplined spirit will flee from deceit, and will rise and depart from foolish thoughts, and will be ashamed at the approach of unrighteousness.” [Wisdom 1:4-5].
Repent first and be sincere and not deceived in your heart, turn away from sin and enslavement to fleshly and material thinking and desires, begging God for the grace and power to be always “single-minded” in pursuit of Him, in obedience to His HOLY will…the God whose very name we ask to recognized is “hallowed” when we pray the “Our Father”, and whose kingdom is to come! 
And then pray to be and remain “pure of heart,” with one intention only and always, to be holy like God through the power and presence of His Holy Spirit dwelling within your heart, then you can pray to get all you want and need and you’ll get it all…pronto!

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