Having taught many courses at UPEI in religious studies and ethics as an adjunct professor over a span of more than 20 years, it both amuses and really irks me when I read full-page pagan propaganda like the attached piece in the Guardian the other day: like the chap in a crowded elevator passing gas just as the doors slam shut on floor 1 on a non-stop lift to a penthouse awards ceremony (floor 46) …..it’s just WRONG…. on sooooo many levels!

I can’t bring myself to sacrifice any time correcting the misuse of terms having long histories of accepted meaning, use and actual “dictionary” definition, the respect and adherence of which seems completely absent and of no concern to the self-proclaimed “experts” quoted in the article.

They redefine those terms with words and concepts that suit their “I’ll-decide-what-words-mean” woke and non-rational worldview.

I’m writing this to those who already understand that when a person says they’re ‘spiritual’ but not religious, what they’re really saying is that they don’t believe in an intelligent, personal, loving God to whom we owe respect and obedience as our Creator and Father.

Or if they do claim such a belief, in some vague fashion, it comes with an “I will not serve!” attitude.

Whether they realize it or not, their flippant declaration against being religious is, by definition, a declaration of either “non-recognition” of God, or of “defiance, distancing, and disobedience” toward God.

Merriam-webster defines being religious as, “the SERVICE and WORSHIP of God or the supernatural.”

Believers in a loving, personal God would be wise to keep themselves and their children far, far, far from this pagan poison, as St. Paul told the Corinthian Christians dabbling in debauchery from strong pagan cultural influences and practices in his day, just as we are experiencing now:

“The sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons.” [1 Corinthians 1020-21].

These witches, wiccan and pagans – and the ‘Guardian’ (give me a break!) – present this material as benign, “educational” stuff, exactly like the queer and trans movement leaders did a few years ago.

And of course, no one wanted to be a “transphobe” when that happened, so an incredible amount of power to shape social norms was given over to people who have yet to be able (or willing) to answer the simple question: “what is a woman?”

Similarly, ask 100 witches, wiccan and pagan practitioners to define ‘spiritual’ and you’ll get 100 answers! They say it’s all very personal. Indeed… narcissistically so!

Now it’s all about normalizing the occult as the preferred modern alternate to religion, which appeals to our innate longing for God, so it is attractive and seems innocent enough on the surface.

And when your friends and neighbours are “coming out” proudly as seance readers or witches, or whatever […always with the ‘pride’ eh?]…well, who wants to be a “witchphobe” or “paganphobe”, especially when they’re putting on public markets in the community selling stuff just like normal people?

It’s all about getting ‘personal’ power with this kind of being spiritual though, always talking about self.

That’s why you won’t read words in articles like the Guardian’s such as “God,” or “holy,” or “morals” even… things integral to forms and expressions of ‘spirituality’ in the past.

This ‘spirituality’ is just thinly-disguised pseudo-religious dabbling in the occult which opens people to being influenced by the demonic, with or without their awareness. They’ll get some power for sure, but at what a cost!

In the case of those interviewed in this article, they’re “unaware,” since they explicitly say they are NOT followers of Satan, the “parent” of the “I-seek-power-and will not serve” anti-religious philosophy and way of life they espouse. Hmmm.

With Halloween on the horizon, expect to see lots more such efforts to engage people in these “fun” activities in a bid to normalize forgetting God!!

A “one-world government” needs a ‘religion’ that offends no one, and that’s why the Holy name of Jesus will soon bring rage and violence against those daring to repeat His words!

Being ‘pagan’ however, will increasingly grant acceptance and access to more and more of what we call culture and society through (1) the powerful dynamics of social conformity, coupled with (2) pushy, unrelenting propaganda establishing the pagan culture of Babylon…. in which we must NOT participate, but must “flee”… expeditiously!