What was known for months as a result of independent, scientific analysis of the contents of the mRNA injections for Covid-19 has just this week been confirmed by Health Canada: Pfizer did not disclose that it’s mRNA injection for Covid-19 contained a DNA sequence!

This is news that should be headlines in the Guardian for days, and headlined as the lead story of the century by CBC.

But you likely haven’t heard anything about this, since we’re now living in Babylon, the abode of liars and deceivers who control what the masses see and don’t see so as to distort the truth, block understanding, win compliance, and achieve unstated goals in an agenda that has little or nothing to do with improving public health.

When you add up all the pieces to the puzzle slowing coming together, it is clear that the covid-19 injections have a role in that globalist agenda, one that engenders both transhumanist and genocidal grand theories, and with the evidence on deck now, neither can be dismissed.

We now know a lot, including that the patents and engineering and ‘products’ injected were produced not by Pharma at all, but the US military, who only used BigPharma for legitimacy and marketing purposes.

The rest of this article is select parts of work by others, starting with PEI’s own Dr. Laura Braden, who on October 3rd (which was my birthday…and no, it’s still not too late to make a donation to support my work, thanks for asking) who informed us of what is now confirmed by Health Canada.

Her excellent “response to a comment” [buried for only a handful to see] deserves careful consideration by EVERYONE, so I’m reproducing it in its entirety!

Then I present a bit about the recent phenomenon of “turbo cancers” with evidence showing a direct correlation with both the mechanism of the “undisclosed SV40” sequence and what is happening to people who received this injection.

But sadly, there are other pathways and possibilities built into this ‘bioweapon’ as well creating other pathways and possibilities for increased human disease including cancer, that I will touch upon as well, with a segment from a leading scientist in the field, censored, of course. 

I conclude this article with a call to action for us all not to despair, but to finally realize the full implications of what these insights and discoveries (and now ‘admission’) means for all of us, especially our children who were NEVER at any risk from this virus, now riding the “turbo cancer wave,” thanks to these unnecessary, experimental, genetically-engineered nanotechnologically-coated shots. 

Shots, by the way, that many leading world virologists and scientists, and an increasing number of political jurisdictions, are now publicly referring to as ‘bio-weapons’.

Dr. Laura Braden’s October 3rd Facebook Post on SV40

Here is Dr. Braden’s post:
Here is what Dr. Braden said about the post:
Do you know what the SV40 promoter is?
Second question related to the first,
Why would pfizer OMIT the presence of this from their regulatory package?
Kickstarting an IMPORTANT conversation here.”
Here is Dr. Braden’s to a question in the comments asking what it all means?
“The original plasmid used to create the jibby jabs contains a construct called the SV40 promoter. In laymen’s terms this promoter just makes anything it is in front of highly expressed. Think of it like a supercharger. It’s also known to be carcinogenic because if it is in front of any gene involved in cellular death or cellular growth it can have catastrophic impacts on the expression of these genes. It is well documented to be oncogenic and therefore is not desirable to be in human therapeutics.
This plasmid containing the SV40 was not supposed to be in the injections. Citizen scientists sequenced the contents of some vials and found extremely high levels of plasmid contamination. Up to 30% to be exact.
Not only was there no NONE ZILCH NADDA informed consent on the potential adverse reactions but there was none on what people were being injected with. They told you just LNPS with mRNA. False. Actually there was DNA in there, antibiotic resistant genes and plasmids. And those plasmids contained SV40.
Why do we care?
The theoretical concern was that the DNA from the injections could be getting into the nucleus where our precious DNA lives.
Confirmed in vitro.
The theoretical concern was that there could be integration of that foreign DNA.
This has been confirmed in vitro.
And the theoretical concern from foreign DNA containing an oncogenic element like SV40 would induce aggressive and spurious cancers.
Notice anything around you??
So here’s the kicker. Because it’s still *possible* even after the abysmal breakdown in quality control, after the lack of informed consent, after everything, that they just “didn’t know” the risks.
The level of criminality here can be summed up by two points:
1.) Pfizer tried to hide the presence of the sv40 promoter from all documents. As part of regulatory approval they had to submit the plasmid map and nowhere NOWHERE was this element mentioned. Complete fraud.
2.) we see earlier evidence in the literature (see publication pertaining to this post) that the sv40 promoter contains elements in it that would help get into the nucleus (where our dna lives) and thus facilitate the integration into our genome.
In short.
They knew it would interact with our dna. They knew it would get into the nucleus. They knew it would cause cancers. And they knew it would potentially sterilize humans.”
What Dr. Braden explains so well in plain English logically means that this “expressing” part of the genetic code inserted into the mRNA shots would lead to an increase in cancers among populations receiving the mRNA shots:  there have  been – according to various trackers – over 13 billion injections to date globally!
Guess what?

The rise of the recent “turbo cancer” phenomenon

Take a few minutes to do a quick search of ‘turbo cancer’ on the internet. Just read the headlines. It will give you a good sense of  just how dire and concerning the sudden rise of aggressive cancers in young people is to the medical industry. The mainstream media are quoting the same old promoters of the false narrative who claim to be “baffled” by the rise of these aggressive cancers, and mention nothing of the needles they are still pushing as Covid-19 boosters.

Those who have investigated these issues in the lab, however, leading world experts, have come to a shared-understanding of the deadly mechanisms at play in the concoction in the body once the injected material gets into the bloodstream and spreads to every organ in the body (something we were told was “impossible” and wouldn’t happen, if you remember). These censored experts understand perfectly well what’s going on, and none of it is good.

Although the ‘rules of rigorous science’ require time and duplication and studies after studies happen before statements can be made DEFINITIVELY about findings – so scientists out of the gate first with discoveries are obviously ‘cautious’ in their phrasing – if you ponder for just a moment the following “possible” mechanisms by which cancers can be promoted by the vaccine, with SV40 being only ONE of a number of possibilities, but CUMULATIVELY….well, consider how that would increase the likelihood of exactly what we are witnessing, a myriad of new diseases, but above all, an epidemic of aggressive cancers in young people.

If the WHO was to declare a ‘legitimate’ pandemic, it would be concerning the spread of these needles causing cancers!

The really sad thing is that the SV40 piece of genetic material that was inserted into the mix without anyone – including the Canadian Health regulator who declared the shots necessary, effective, and safe, with all those claims being proven false – the SV40 mechanism is only one of many in this bioweapon our own Dr. Morrison is still telling Islanders to put in their body, with our government and Premier doing nothing to protect us from this great evil!

Potential Mechanisms of Action

The following segment was taken from this article:

“When asked how the COVID shots might be causing these turbo cancers, Makis describes several possible mechanisms that can lead to cancer in susceptible individuals. The primary one is the modification of the mRNA used.

The COVID shots do not contain the identical mRNA found in the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The mRNA has been genetically manipulated in a process called “codon optimization,” where pseudouridine is inserted to stabilize the RNA and prevent rapid breakdown.4

The reason codon optimization was used is because it’s difficult to get your body to produce a given protein by injecting mRNA. Not only is it rapidly destroyed, but for the injection to work, they also need higher levels of protein expression than is naturally possible.

They bypassed this problem by making substitutions in the genetic instructions. You can swap out certain nucleotides (three nucleotides make up a codon) and still end up with the same protein in the end, but the increased efficiency comes at a terrible cost.

When substituting parts of the code in this way, the resulting protein can easily get misfolded, and this has been linked to a variety of chronic diseases,5 including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and heart failure.6

As explained by Makis, the pseudouridine insertion can also suppress your innate immune surveillance by dampening the activity of toll-like receptors, and one downstream effect of that is reduced cancer surveillance.

Other possible mechanisms include:

• Genomic integration of the modified mRNA through reverse transcription, which might disrupt tumor suppressor genes.

• Genomic integration of DNA contaminants in the shots, which might disrupt tumor suppressor genes.

• Tumors may so be promoted by the presence of an SV40 promoter in the DNA contaminants.

• The liposomal nanoparticles (LNPs) spread the mRNA systemically, to all tissues, with severe impacts on your immune function. We now know that some individuals continue to produce spike protein for at least six months, and when your body is repeatedly (let alone continuously) exposed to the same antigen, it creates tolerance. As a result, you become more prone to infection because your immune system no longer puts up a fight against the antigen. However, the same antibodies that target infections also target cancer cells, so your cancer risk goes up as well.

• Plasmid DNA can also be taken up by gut bacteria, causing them to become a source of constant antigen (spike protein) production. Rise in Cancer Will Likely Be a Long Term Trend.

Within the first year of the rollout of the COVID shots, all-cause mortality started rising in countries around the world, and again, it’s younger, working-age people who are dying at unprecedented rates.”
That’s a lot of information to digest, especially given the extremely bad taste and poisonous nature of the material.


It is now nearly 3 years since I publicly declared in articles that various facts concerning the entire response globally to the declared pandemic not under dispute would lead any astute investigator to conclude that some nefarious, undisclosed purpose was behind the entire scheme, one of gargantuan proportions almost too unbelievable to even be articulated without bringing a condemnation of “whacko”.

That evidence can no longer be ignored. However, it can’t be seen from the vantage point of “Babylon,” and right now, that’s unfortunately where most people are living!

Perhaps if we continue to present the evidence to others, especially family and friends, and those put in our path daily, and do so with only sincere concern for the wellbeing of said folks, perhaps we can as individuals come together on the spiritual battlefield in these end-times to bring awareness where there is blindness, understanding where there is confusion, courage where there is fear, and light where there is darkness.

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