There was a big front-page article in the Guardian yesterday overflowing mightily into the second page. There was also a “supportive” commentary in the Public Opinion section, all pushing Islanders to get needles, including a C-19 booster.

The straight-up lies contained in this article would take a dozen pages to address and correct. And what would be the point of such an attempt to solicit reasonableness from those doing the pushing of this dangerous and completely false narrative.

Unbelievably, the claim to “safe and effective” continues, just a week after Health Canada was FORCED BY INDEPENDENT SCIENTISTS doing their own investigation to admit the Pfizer shots contain a piece of ‘dna’ that was PURPOSEFULLY not disclosed by Pfizer.

What I want to draw your attention to are the following:

1. They really are ‘coming after the children’! Children continue to be at no risk of harm from the virus, but of GREAT harm from the shots, especially from those ‘turbo cancers’ I wrote about in a previous post recently. Worse still, the RECOMMENDATIONS for the youngest (6 months +) is THREE (3) NEEDLES!!


2. This article NEVER says how many people are getting the shots, but deceptively uses big percentages regarding those choosing “2 shots” over 1 shot”….but how many people ot the needles? Dr. Morrison, the CPHO says that 25,600 doses were dispatched to Island Pharmacies, then deduces that they must have been used because they don’t last long:

“As the doses dispatched to pharmacies need to be administered relatively quickly, Morrison believes the majority have ‘gone into people’s arms’!

There is absolutely no logical connection between how long the needles shipped to pharmacies last and how many people get those needles, but the propaganda is to “push” and create perceptions. Indeed, the article starts of by saying that 80% of Islanders are getting the double-shot, which might be 8 people getting needles if all that showed up are 10!

The roll-out of this same ‘booster’ in the USA has been a complete bust, with only 3% of Americans getting the needle! How many Islanders have gotten it? Report that Guardian!  

3. Regarding testing prior to approval by the FDA, which Canada simply accepts, for this particular variant being pushed onto and “into” Islanders was tested on 20 MICE: NO humans, no CONTROL GROUP!

But Health PEI people are assuring us these combined concoctions are “safe” and have gone through ‘rigorous testing’.