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PREAMBLE It has long been known that crop pests and pathogens become increasingly tolerant to farm pesticides over time, and increasingly toxic poisons are required to maintain control over those [...]
“The most valuable resource on Prince Edward Island is… the top ten inches of our soil. That is the most valuable aspect to us in how we are going to survive [...]
A number of people who weren’t able to make it to my launch as an official candidate in the Progressive Conservative Leadership Campaign asked me whether I had recorded the [...]
Flipping through this morning’s Guardian [November 15, 2018] I came across a full-page ad trying to entice farmers to buy a new type of seed.  It presented young Island farmer [...]
Minister of Communities, Land and Environment, Hon. Richard Brown, has asked IRAC to review non-resident and corporate land holdings in PEI “…to determine whether anyone is breaking the rules” (CBC, [...]
In early 2004, I was contracted by the PEI National Farmers Union to research and write a brief for submission to the PEI government.  It offered a comprehensive, up-to-date critical [...]
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