Pushing Monsanto’s “Dekalb” GMO Corn & Soybeans!

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4 Responses to Pushing Monsanto’s “Dekalb” GMO Corn & Soybeans!

  1. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Very alarming!! Thank you, Kevin, for explaining this.

  2. Robin Paynter says:

    If they allow this new push from the Irving oligarchy and these new more powerful toxins onto our Island, they might as well start digging the graves today…

  3. Ivor Sargent says:

    Thanks for your attention to this issue. Many Monsanto products pose a major threat to the environment, and intense pressure should definitively be put on the PEI government to ban the use of Dekalb in PEI.

  4. No Email says:

    A field of Dekalb was growing across the road from me in Charlottetown this summer. There’s no escaping it, not even in the “city”. Good luck to all the other organic home gardeners like me.

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