Welcome back to “Great Question – No Answer” – the PEI Legislative Assembly Game Show where the responses are made up on the spot and the talking points don’t matter.

I’ll be honest: it was a long and grueling adjudication process to come up with today’s “Great Question – No Answer” winners. Just as scientists are certain the universe is mostly comprised of a mysterious substance known as “Dark Matter” – yet readily admit it’s impossible to detect – this Game Show Host is just as convinced that the Liberal side of the Legislative Assembly is mostly comprised of an enigmatic substance known as “Doesn’t Matter” which renders the meaning of virtually every Liberal response equally undetectable.

So although there were lots of “great questions” today – and just as many “no-answer” responses – what stood out were the strangely eloquent, but completely convoluted responses of the Minister of Health, Hon. Robert Henderson to question after question……. mesmerizing words streaming from Minister Henderson’s mouth gave the sense that something important was being said, but at no time was the meaning of that “something” evident, especially in relation to the questions asked.

You can judge for yourself. I’m offering two short back-to-back clips today to showcase the two PC winners of the “Great Question” prize – Hon. James Aylward for a question to the Premier (responded to by Henderson) on whether the government would offer FINANCIAL SUPPORTS for In-Vitro Fertilization (a phrase Aylward repeated with emphasis, just so there would be no confusion about what was being asked) ; and a clear and direct question from Hon. Sidney MacEwen asking how many of the 37 recommendations to improve services to Islanders living with Autism (from a 2010 study) were still “outstanding”. Extra points were granted to Sidney for pointing out (after the Minister’s response) that he completely failed to address and answer his question.

Henderson was clearly the sole winner of the “no answer” prize today, and scored extra points for coming remarkably close to revealing the illusive Liberal nature of “Doesn’t Matter” .