Welcome back to “Great Question – No Answer” – the PEI Legislative Assembly Game Show that has an uncanny resemblance to ‘whack-a-mole’ whenever a question is directed to the Premier and we all glance around to see if we can guess from which chair a Liberal MLA will pop up!

The “Great Question” award once again goes to Sidney MacEwen for offering another straightforward question about adoption records: “Can the Minister tell us how long of a time period these closed adoption records would cover?”

The Minister of Family and Human Services, Hon. Tina Mundy’s emotional response would definitely win the “most sympathy expressed by a standing MLA in 28 seconds” award if such existed; however, since her response said nothing at all about adoption records, she gets Wednesday’s “No Answer” award.

It may have been a Wednesday afternoon, but yesterday’s Question (Period) felt more like a Mundy morning (groan)…..with the Minister offering response after response that provided essentially no new information to the opposition.

She did, however, make sure the Speaker of the House didn’t nod off from her mostly vacuous chatter by squeezing “eleven” (count em) “Mr. speakers” into a 37 second response! And for that she earns a second award, the highly coveted and rarely bestowed “MR. SPEAKER” award.

[Does the Speaker REALLY need to be reminded that an MLA is saying something every few seconds?] 11 “Mr. Speakers” in 37 seconds!. Hard to believe without seeing it for yourself, so I tacked that clip to the end of the “Great Question – No Answer” clip as proof…..and I even did the counting for you!