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When Premier MacLauchlan refused to accept the results of the plebiscite on electoral reform, he quickly introduced Motion 80 during the Fall, 2016 sitting of the House announcing a referendum to be held concurrent with the next general election.

The question would have just two electoral options  – one  would be Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), which won in the plebiscite; the other remained undetermined at the time, and opposition members demanded that the Premier ensure that the second electoral option would not be decided exclusively by the Premier and his whipped caucus behind closed doors.

The Premier assured the House the decision on the second option for the ballot would be made by the legislative assembly after a healthy public education process and (to use his word) “fulsom” legislative assembly debate.

Paul MacNeil’s article in this week’s Eastern Graphic IApril 4th] titled, “MacLauchlan makes voting Green easier,” focussed on how the Premier has broken this promise. His  article begins with a statement made by the Premier during the December 14, 2016 Question Period in the House:

“I would encourage all 27 members of this House … to engage with Islanders, and to put forward proposals, and to listen and learn. It’s through that process, and ultimately through the approval of this House, that we will determine that second option.”

Just a few days ago the Premier’s office confirmed to CBC that the second option in the plebiscite will be (surprise, surprise) “First-Past-The-Post (FPTP).”


There has been no “fulsome” public education campaign, nor any discussion in the House – the Legislative Assembly wasn’t even in session when the Premier made his unilateral decision public.

Watch the short video clip below of PC opposition member Sidney MacEwan asking the Premier to allow consultations and input on what the second option on the plebiscite vote would be, and listen carefully to what Wade says [after a bit of a ramble with some confusing bafflegab about what he says is “well known”] and you’ll see exactly how our Premier doesn’t just casually let a “little white lie” slip under  pressure, in a moment of weakness, he lies with passion and conviction enough to convince even the hardened skeptic he’s being sincere.

Add this latest broken promise to a very long list of betrayals and remember them well….we’re about to be broadsided with another snap-election [his second during his short term as Premier], and both of which have been made in non-compliance with our “fixed-election date” legislation.

Fixed El;ection Date-001

And you can be sure that we’re soon to be treated to another Liberal batch of  fresh-baked, sweet-smelling  promises, none of which should be believed for a second.

Fool us once  Mr. Premier, shame on you; fool us fifty times, we’d have to be completely insane to vote for you again!

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