Is this not proof of a crime and a cover-up?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The RCMP has no jurisdiction over crime committed entirely within the city limits of Charlottetown unless invited to participate a criminal investigation by Charlottetown Police Services. To the best of my knowledge C.P.S. has never launched a criminal investigation against any past or present provincial politician,
    Furthermore, the Attorney General can refuse to prosecute a case, which essentially makes provincial politicians immune from prosecution, unless a citizen takes the matter into his/her own hands.
    You are correct in suggesting that someone could initiate a private prosecution. This can be done by anybody who files a sworn Private Information with a Justice of the Peace in Provincial Court. I did exactly that in April 2015 by filing a sworn complaint that I had been defrauded of my property in Clearspring, Kings County by former Minister Ron MacKinley under false pretenses that my property was bisected by a “designated Non Essential Highway” called “Old Queens Road”, a road which literally does not exist, and a dummy provincial highway classification which does not exist in the Schedules of the Roads Act because a Non Essential Highway is a devious synonym for a private road on private land.
    However, Crown Attorney Cyndria L. Wedge then filed a court motion to cancel the hearing of my complaint by a provincial judge “to stop the prosecution of R.W.MacKinley.”, which was essentially a Crown v Crown Proxy prosecution since the crime was committed on behalf of the government of PEI.
    When I persisted by filing a second sworn Private Information Ms. Wedge had a private consultation with Chief Judge John Douglas to inform him that it was the government’s ;position that my case was a civil “Land Dispute”. When the hearing commenced, Crown Attorney Wedge then filed a motion with the judge to clear the courtroom of all spectators and security personnel to prevent my case from becoming public knowledge. Crown Attorney Wedge then interrupted my testimony and misled the Judge with a falsified version of “alternative facts”.
    The key to filing a sworn Private Information and getting a legitimate court hearing lies in taking along witnesses to attend the court hearing, and preventing the Crown Attorney from filing a motion to hold the hearing in camera and then interfering in your testimony to squelch your case.

    This requires that the Judge recognizes the fact that the Crown Attorney is acting in violation of conflict of interest regulations which require the Crown Attorney to recuse himself/herself from a criminal case which involves a minister or former minister of the Crown. To the best of my knowledge no provincial judge in PEI has ever exercised his/her authority to recuse a Crown Attorney from interfering in a Crown v Crown Proxy prosecution.
    The main problem for a citizen who files a sworn Private Information of this type is how easily it can be squelched by the government, and how willing the news media such as CBC or The Guardian is to suppress accusations of criminal misconduct against government officials.


  2. William A Burden says:

    The fact the desktop was not ‘wiped’ by ITSS is suspect in itself as they are the group responsible for recycling hardware. Coming from the ranks of IT, myself, and having worked for both the Province and the Feds, this action does NOT pass the smell test and i’m quite surprised there has been no legal consequences. I suppose, in typical PEI fashion, everyone is waiting for the other guy to initiate the process with the result that no one will, and the politicos will continue to get away with these abuses. Justice, what justice?

  3. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Kevin, keep up the good work. I imagine Government wishes you would just go away, but you are holding them and the media to the fire. Good for you!

  4. Warren Biro says:

    There seems to be a general lack of trustworthiness in the provincial Liberals whether they are in PEI or Ontario or, for that matter, any province. There’s this sense of entitlement and a dictatorial attitude toward the people that voted them in. What happened in Ontario with the Gas Plant scandal was nothing short of thievery of the taxpayers money and trust. Many more Ontario politicians from the time should be in jail. That situation has continued there (until recently) with Wynne’s cabinet and the sale (read theft) of Ontario Hydro (a publicly owned corporation). The public was given no vote nor asked their opinion regarding the sale. The Liberal parties in Canada, both Federal and Provincial, have been treating Canada like it is a third world country with a population that is easily hoodwinked with smoke and mirrors or cowed by expressions of political power. This needs to stop.
    Here in PEI I see the same attitudes and the same general disrespect for the law and parliamentary rules. There absolutely has to be a consequence imposed on those politicians who blatantly break the law. To deny the voting public their ability to bring criminal politicians to justice is the beginning of a slippery slope towards what amounts to dictatorship.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I am sure there is ample evidence to proceed with a full investigation of the activities of the Ghiz and the present day government ,in several areas . We know them all too well. Reports of the Auditor General and the Privacy Commissioner have left several issues hanging in the air. What is lacking is the bollocks by the media and opposition parties to pursue this matters with conviction.

    Examples of what you have outlined here only lend more credibility and urgency , to the notion of having the office of Attorney General become an independent body of the legislative assembly, elected by the assembly and accountable to the assembly.

  6. nirvana says:

    The PNP ladies tried to lay charges, no go, they to get an injunction to stop the shredding of documents, no go

    Feels futile trying to get law enforcement and judges to act on crooked government and politicians, onus On complainant to prove the case not law enforcement

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