Criminal Proceeding Initiated Against Robert Ghiz

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13 Responses to Criminal Proceeding Initiated Against Robert Ghiz

  1. nirvana says:

    Great job, Kevin

  2. Gilles Michaud says:

    I will follow this with great interest…thanks Kevin

  3. Red Hen says:

    Red Hen: Justice will be done.

  4. George McMinn says:

    It would really be a great thing if justice is served but knowing how the Liberals rally around themselves when under attack I ‘d be really surprised if old smirkey face Jordan Brown wouldn’t come up with some. Outlandish reason to justify his own insertion into any proceedings that should occur regarding this matter. It will really be interesting to follow along with you Kevin.

  5. A bit of a coward says:

    Your commitment to getting to the truth is remarkable Kevin, I would never have the courage you have

  6. Anonymous says:

    Incredible work,Kevin.

  7. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Will be following this with interest, Kevin. Good for you!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have seen many cases where a Crown does not support a Police Officer in the laying of a Criminal case. In some Provinces its is the Crown who decides on the laying of any charges. This does NOT apply to PEI. A Police Officer lays a charge after he/she has reasonable and probable cause, after collecting sufficient evidence. If the Crown disagrees, a Police Officer can in fact, lay the charge, or any civilian can lay an information. History here on PEI, is that Crown Attorneys, interfere with Police Officers, lawfully doing their duty, why? Depends on who is being charged and for what offence. No Crown attorney has any right to interfere or obstruct a Police Officer, who is sworn by oath to do his/her duty, in Canadian Law. Police Officers always have to be an arms distance from the Crown Attorney’s Office. Any Crown Attorney, represents the Government., period, the Government represents the people.. Once a charge is laid, the process is then entered into the Court process, and MUST be dealt with accordingly. Just look at the case law Griffin vrs City of Summerside. Than read the decision by Justice Ken MacDonald in the civil case in PEI Supreme Court. The City of Summerside Chief of Police and the City were found guilty of malicious persecution against Deputy Chief Griffin (1998-2010). Maybe this may alert someone in Justice, to ensure everyone is protected under our Charter of Rights, NOT JUST A CHOSEN FEW

    • Linda Trainor says:

      Finally, someone who is speaking the truth, who has the necessary legal knowledge to let the rest of us know what should really be happening.

  9. Edith Perry says:

    Well, Kevin, join the NDP PEI/Mike Redmond who initiated an inquiry into this issue and nothing happened. The RCMP dropped the ball and the govt continued to make sure nothing further happened on yet another govt / liberal corruption scam. Yeah, and for the PCs to talk about this with such outrage, huh, give me a break. They, the blue cats, did the very same thing when they were government. Not to sound too bitter might i also mention how dismissive govt officials and members of the chattering class were when Redmond and the NDP PEI did take steps to out these crooks? Heck, even some New Democrats and Greens were critical with scowlings behind their hands. Don’t expect much support in your current endeavours. Islanders know careers can come to a screeching halt if certain boats are rocked too much!

  10. Windmill says:

    Good on Mike Redmond and Kevin.

  11. sprucewood annie says:

    “The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” – Edmund Burke (1730 – 1797)
    When will our Justice system actually work in the public interest, instead of acting as a tool to protect those in power who break our laws?

  12. Elva Roberts says:

    Good luck in you endeavors, Kevin. You will be in my prayers

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