The PEI Mainstream Media and Robert Ghiz: enough already with the conspiracy theories!

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7 Responses to The PEI Mainstream Media and Robert Ghiz: enough already with the conspiracy theories!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ferguson has an association with the Liberal Party???? LOL LOL LOL LOL

  2. Willev says:

    Liberal media around the world all follow the same playbook. lol st the emails erased by Hillary Clinton. Same playbook but on a larger scale. Problem is she lost and they’re trying a hard cover up on cnn and even fox. I think the left will be exposed for what they really are soon.

  3. nirvana says:

    Please, these people have no conscience, Wade retaliated against MacKenzie for firing Duncan, Wade’s partner, back In 2002 aT Confec Cenre, revenge was sweet Wade, but DM knows he can’t rock the boat even if he wants to.

  4. Ialanderer says:

    It is simply protocol that governments destroy what they do not want made public; virtually every government at every level. Ain’t new

  5. Checker says:

    I must admit we experienced this very same thing when we were writing on the PNP. For a period of time CBC was interested in the story. Then one day word came back from the front office that they were not interested in a matter we were pursuing, I was led to believe our article was not felt to be substantive. I had not considered the change in command at the CBC until now. Thanks for pointing it out. Do I think that you are onto something here; do bears squat in the woods? Of course they do.

  6. Checker says:

    Another interesting tidbit. Did you realize that our local CTV (that is Bell Canada Inc, the magnanimous patron of all many of our former and current politicians and Premiers) never provided any coverage of the PNP. Nothing. Not a mention of PNP. A letter to CTV’s W-Five went unanswered. Is that biased? Naw, that is looking after you own. Just society……a joke.

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