ITSS’s Refusal to Cooperate: Information Technology (without the information)

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  1. Checker says:

    The long and the short of it Kevin is that there is no political will to investigate the e-gaming, the PNP and many other serious breach’s of public trust perpetrated by the former Ghiz government or the present day government. To begin with , the public officials entrusted to uphold good governance are themselves indebted to our political leaders. To rock the political pirate ship would not be a career enhancing move. You also touched on another serious breach of public trust. We have written on this before. When you have the Attorney General reporting to the first minister and party in power, there is very little chance that anything embarrassing will be investigated. The first loyalty of the AG is to the Party. One conciliatory factor is that all the correspondence created by those who have ,or had , graves concerns about the actions of our provincial government will be available to researchers, historians and revisionist in the future and I am convinced that many will be interested in this period of governance because of the lack of transparency and the accusations of impropriety surrounding this administration. I am still hopeful that an opposition party will recognize the conflict of interest in having the Solicitor General report to the party in power. The people would be better served if the Attorney General becomes an office of the legislative assembly elected by the whole assembly and accountable to the Lt Governor in Council. Keep digging, it will make future research easier.

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