We need a “FAIR” economy on a tear…..not just an economy on a tear.

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  1. Warren Biro says:

    The Liberal government here in PEI is so much like the former Liberal government that was so recently soundly trounced in the election in Ontario. In both provinces they bamboozle the public with obscure or outdated data that sounds like things are fine but when one reads the fine print it found to be misleading if not outright lies. The PEI Liberals are, in a way, even worse than the Ontario Liberals in that they seem to be pandering to individuals and businesses that would be considered “elite” while cutting out the everyday working voter from the ability to get ahead and make a decent living. The Ontario Liberals brought forth a few social programs for the poorer sectors of the society that would seem to relieve some of the cost of living in the province which, while it sounded like one could get ahead, actually set a person farther behind because of increased taxes and governmental costs, such as the Ontario Hydro debt relief not to mention the largest non-state debt in the world. One of their cockamamie solutions to try to balance a budget that was in worse shape than you’d find in a third world country was to sell off Ontario Hydro to private businesses. Ontario Hydro was a Crown Corporation owned and developed by the taxes of the population and the selling off of it’s assets was done without any public input. In my opinion this was a criminal act. The waste of tax payer money during the 15 years the Liberals ran Ontario is breathtaking.
    Here in PEI we don’t have the same situation but in other ways we do. Here in PEI the Liberals are allowing the land base itself to be sold right out from under our very feet. Huge corporations and off shore investors are gobbling up acreage here in PEI at an alarming rate and all of it done in such a way as to make the process secret. As was written in the article previous to this one, finding out who owns what and how much is owned by certain individuals is being kept under wraps. Why? Who is going to benefit from this land grab? It’s very likely it’s not going to be the everyday Islander who benefits.
    Lastly, my own pet peeve, why are the roads so terrible? It’s disgraceful. Why do they repave only one or two kilometres at a time? Who’s getting the most benefit from this patchwork way of maintaining the infrastructure that Islanders depend on?

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