Breaking: New Court Document Confirms all Ghiz’s Electronic Records & Emails were Destroyed

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7 Responses to Breaking: New Court Document Confirms all Ghiz’s Electronic Records & Emails were Destroyed

  1. Peter Brown says:

    awesome and disturbing information.

  2. Albert Jay says:

    Shades of Nancy Grace, BOMBSHELL!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This was VERY well researched and informative.

  4. William A Burden says:

    Where does the corruption with this bunch end and more importantly where can we find an effective strategy to deal with it. Fairly recent legal action initiated by a member of the public with ample evidence was stayed, putting our legal system under suspicion. Our local media lackeys, fearing political reprisals, lack the courage to report supportable evidence, and still it goes on. Just how much is enough to get a critical mass of public involvement. Political corruption is not a new game, by any means, but the stakes keep getting higher. With excellent researchers out there (like Kevin) and powerful tools to accomplish same, we have to change the game NOW!

  5. Checker says:

    This is another on the road to “stayed proceedings”. Unfortunately, in this country, the law makers are not subject to the laws the law makers make. That sentence will help us remember that law makers believe they are above the law therefore not subject to the laws they make! Just like the money laundering charges in BC “stayed “ a few weeks ago, and the immigration fraud stayed here on the Island a few short days ago by the Federal Prosecutor (read Prime Minister’s Office), this has been swept under the table as well. It was first commented upon as early as 2017 but got little attention. This disrespect for the voters will carry on until the voters put an end to it. Vote for change, BIG change

    • Kevin J. Arsenault says:

      I don’t believe it’s possible to stay a civil litigation, not a criminal case. There is no public prosecutor involved. If the judge handling this matter acts improperly, the plaintiffs, Capital Markets Technologies, can appeal to a higher court. my understanding is that they have committed to taking this as far as they need to could get Justice served, even if that means the Supreme Court of Canada.

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