MacLauchlan Government Refuses to Produce Records in Access Request

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5 Responses to MacLauchlan Government Refuses to Produce Records in Access Request

  1. Windmill says:

    Shame on you, Kevin, for undressing this government in public. We are down to the underwear and it’s not getting any prettier.

  2. Checker says:

    Maybe then there will be transparency. The one thing that the information being released reveals is just how manipulative and treacherous our political leaders can be. So much disrespect.

  3. Barb MacFarlane says:

    Government should be squirming by now, but it seems they still think they can pull the wool over your eyes, and the public through you. I am just amazed at your tenacity. Thank you for all this hard, and time-consuming and expensive work exposing this government”s deception.

  4. fromawaysite says:

    Kevin, Thank you for all your hard work and tenacity, especially the work that should be accomplished by a free press. Time can be a good indicator and measuring stick that allows a keen eye to evaluate a series of events, that have led to a conclusion that requires further documentation and oversight into the government elected by the people of Prince Edward Island.

    This I do know! Private business and companies that have shareholders would not last 5 minutes operating, functioning in the way that the PEI government’s fiduciary responsibility is handled.
    Having worked in a fast-paced corporation interacting with management and worker bees, everyone understood that rules that were laid out by the company were put in place for a reason. Customer satisfaction, profit, employee retention, provide a stable platform for benefits & amp; pensions.
    The fact that profit, investment, and the use of those funds on all levels had a tremendous oversight, with severe consequences for those that used business practices not within company guidelines. The common practice was resign or face criminal charges. And it did not matter who, or what your position was in the company.

    Having said that, it would appear that tax dollars from the people of PEI have been, mishandled by present and past employees . Just the fact that an employee can violate written procedures and still take a paycheck , pension and benefits warrants investigation and consequences. But after seeing the fallout of Motel Gate , PNP shutdown , lets me to see just how deep the problem has become on PEI.
    Ray Fox

  5. Anonymous says:

    Accountable and transparent…..

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