Mitch Cormier (far right); Alan Dale; Sarah Stewart-Clarke; Dennis King; Shawn Driscoll and Kevin J Arsenault

On my way into the CBC this morning for an all-PC Candidates Round Table taping with Island Morning Host Mitch Cormier, I stopped at the Canada Post mailboxes down by the Ft. Augustus Community Centre and found a brown envelope in my box from Karen A. Rose, the Information and Privacy Commissioner for PEI.

Decision from Information Commissioner

It was a hard copy of her ruling [Order no. FL-19-002] on a request I had made to Ms. Rose to review a decision by the Head of the PEI Department of Finance to deny my request for a waiver of fees, which I had submitted back on August 4, 2018 associated with an Access to Information Request I had submitted to the Department of Finance on July 17, 2018.

The Information Commissioner’s Order is now a public document and can be found in its entirety on the government’s website.

To give you the “Coles Notes” version of her ruling: Ms. Rose’s Order sets a precedent that any Islander who seeks to hold the government to account – and requests government records in an attempt to do so – should be given those records free of charge if they can’t afford the processing fees for that request! In my books, that’s huge.

It’s a 23 page decision, but here are a few of my favourite paragraphs:

Paragraph 25

Paragraph 35.JPG

Paragraph 37.JPG

Paragraph 42.JPG

Paragraph 47.JPG

Paragraph 56.JPG


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