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I received the following acknowledgement from an APSO Coordinator on the FOIPP request I submitted the other day seeking government records on the $4.7 million to Robert Irving. Those initial [...]
“There has to be a record that people can go back to, and I might say future historians can go back to…..This is something that we take to heart, recognizing [...]
Bush Dumville: Do you feel confident that you know exactly what happened from the information that you did glean? Jane MacAdam: No, I’m not confident that I received all relevant  [...]
On my way into the CBC this morning for an all-PC Candidates Round Table taping with Island Morning Host Mitch Cormier, I stopped at the Canada Post mailboxes down by [...]
David Keedwell, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Tourism Yesterday, [Sunday, January 6, 2019], I submitted a letter to the Information and Privacy Commissioner, Ms. Karen Rose, requesting a review [...]
As promised, I will be outlining policies, programs and plans as part of my “vision” and campaign platform leading up to the PC Leadership Convention on February 9, 2019. This [...]
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