I wrote the lyrics, composed the music and put together the slideshow on March 21, 2019. The recording is neither mixed nor mastered, and I unfortunately had no professional musicians to help in the endeavour, so the quality of the recording is not great – it may sound a bit better through earbuds or headphones rather than a computer speaker alone. My focus was on the importance of the message, not the quality of the production.


  1. Just beautiful, Kevin. Lovely melody and heartfelt lyrics. You definitely have a talent and I hope many people get to hear this, and not just Islanders. It’s way past time to turn this ship around.

  2. Very good Kevin! The federal & provincial governments will get the surprise of their lives as most Islanders are fed up with their attempts to buy another election!
    Frank D.MacDonald

  3. All Islanders should see how much you care. But I fear a lot of Islanders will vote for a FREE RIDE over ISLAND PRIDE.

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