I had such a positive response to my first music video/slideshow I decided to put together another one to post. I actually wrote this song many years ago, and I believe it’s more relevant today than it was when I wrote it. I recorded it with guitar, piano, some strings and a synthesizer. Again, no professional musicians or drums, and no proper mixing and mastering. 

I still can’t believe the Liberal government (under Ghiz) contracted a consulting company to find ways to make PEI more “corporate friendly”. [See my Facebook Post on this]. It was that discovery that prompted me to do this post.

Bottom line: we don’t need huge global corporations to come here to further ravage our poor Island and exploit our workforce.  We need an economic development strategy that truly cares for our land, water, trees and people, guided by a philosophy that aims to enrich, not just extract.  This song/video highlights the fact that transnational corporations are all about siphoning off wealth from the earth’s resources and people.

Although wolves are noble and beautiful animals, they are predators all the same. They hunt the weakest who can’t escape their power. Such might be a wise strategy for wild animals near the top of the food chain – culling out the weak and the sick in other species – but people shouldn’t act like wild animals, and powerful transnational corporations shouldn’t act like wolves.

We need to stand strong against this brutish approach. We must pursue a vision that is both sustainable for our fragile Island resources and also cares for all our citizens.

Denny King and I have discussed my ongoing role with the PC Party to provide policy direction for the Party, especially regarding land policy. I look forward to working with Denny and the PC Party to make PEI a truly “people-friendly” province that protects our land, water and natural resources and implement plans and processes that favour local, small businesses….not transnational corporate wolves!



Darkness encroaching 
Vision’s hazy 
It’s a sign of the times to be scared 
Or a little crazy 
Dazed and confused 
By the echoes of the howls 
The wolves are on the move, arise 
They’re gaining ground 


The wolves are on the move again 
Listen, can you hear 
Lying crouched, eyes intent, another victim disappears 
The wolves are on the move again 
Hurry, gather near 
Let’s get together, before we disappear 

Over seas, plains and mountains 
They roam the whole wide world 
Their communication networks and transportation trails are everywhere 
With the borders all gone, carnal competition is the law 
There’s no more time for fine cuisine; wolves like it raw 

Keep together now, or we’re lost 
They’ll divide and conquer 
The sick and tired will be the first to go, like they were never there 
The rest will be weakened; taken, one by one 
Take heart, but take care of each other 
Wolves are on the run